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Mother’s Day

In Canada, Mother’s Day is the most popular festival after Christmas and Valentines Day. People pay tribute to their mothers on this day and thank them for their life-long love and support. Mother’s Day is celebrated in over 40 countries around the world! The exact date of this holiday, however, varies from country to country. The way in which this … <entire article…>

Celebrating Easter

We Love a Parade In various cities in North America, Easter is celebrated with an annual parade. New Orleans: There are three parades: the Historic French Quarter Parade, the Chris Owens Parade and the annual Gay Parade. New York: Folks walk down Fifth Avenue wearing fancy Easter hats – “bonnets” in this annual parade which has been held since the … <entire article…>

WOW! Beachers Know Their Movies!

Thanks to everyone who sent us your Oscar winnig predictions. We were overwelmed with entries from enthusiastic “movie-goers”. Although no one picked  all eight winners, three did predict seven – amazing! Everyone with three or more correct answers was entered into the draw. The winner of four movie passes to the Alliance Cinema in the Beach is Anne West. The … <entire article…>

Wildflowers Springing Up Everywhere

Spring is a time when days are warm, but night temperatures may still drop below freezing. One of the first signs of spring is the number of flowers that begin to bloom, some even before the snow is gone. Brightly coloured buds push up through the soil, seduced by the longer days and warmer sun. Spring wildflowers have a tough … <entire article…>

Spring into a Fresh New Start

Spring in Canada is one of the most treasured seasons, partly because it’s so short and so beautiful. For a few short weeks, we have cool evenings, warmer days, and we watch the daylight hours growing longer. Best of all, gardens  and trees are covered in pale spring green buds and lacy blossoms. New leaves and spring flowers in vivid … <entire article…>