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Google Apps and Your Business – a Virtual Match

More and more, businesses are trading in their servers and hard drives for a more “global” solution. Many computer/software companies are offering “virtual space” for your documents. This allows you to acces your files anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Google has become a serious contender in this virtual world with Google Apps. 1. Ditch Attachments – … <entire article…>

August Style

Stay stylish in August. Take advantage of fabulous summer cottons, breezy linens and bright accessories that work so well in hot weather with more casual dressing. Whether at work or around the barbecue, here’s how to stay cool and look cool through the rest of the summer. Bright, even neon colours.You can’t go wrong with a skirt, shirt, beads, even … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

The Winner of… Congratulations to Liselotte Jongedijk, the winner of our question from the June/July issue. The four water treatment facilities in Toronto are: The R C Harris Water Treatment Plant in The Beach, the R L Clark Water Treatment Plant in South Etobicoke, the F J Horgan Water Treatment Plant on Copperfield Road in the East End and the … <entire article…>

Those Great C.N.E. Memories

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) or The Ex is still Canada’s largest annual community event. Founded in 1879, the Ex has changed over the years, but it continues to be one of Ontario’s great annual traditions, creating great memories every year for friends and families.   Did you know : The EX attracts approximately 1.3 million people each year. It … <entire article…>

Summer Food Safety

Summer Food Safety Keeping food safe and your family healthy during hot weather isn’t complicated. Health Canada suggests four simple rules that we all can remember: Separate, Clean, Chill and Cook. Separate: Always separate your raw meat, fish and eggs from cooked foods, fruits and vegetables. Pack them in separate bags and wrap them separately in the refrigerator. This avoids … <entire article…>

Water, water, everywhere

Have Fun, Be Safe There is water everywhere in Ontario – an estimated 250,000 lakes! Our own City of Toronto borders the magnificent Lake Ontario, and there are a large number of rivers as well as small lakes and streams in our parks and ravines. Toronto also is home to some Blue Flag Beaches, an internationally recognized standard of excellence … <entire article…>

10 ways to heat up and cool down this August

Feast on fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables – raw, grilled, dipped or steamed! Enjoy calorie-free Toronto water, with ice cubes made of frozen lemon slices and blueberries. Enjoy a better quality of sleep. Stay up later, open a window to let in fresh air, remove electronics like cell phones and computers, then fall asleep to the sounds of a … <entire article…>

It’s Peachy Corny Time!

Cheeky Corn and Perfect Peaches – Two of Ontario’s Best! Corn is truly a North American food. It first was grown in Mexico and South America, then made its way north. In Europe, eating corn, especially corn on the cob, is a relatively new custom imported from North America. It is usually thought of as animal feed!  There are many … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours Beaches Inspire Hair and Cosmetics – 2359A Queen St E Belmonte Raw Food & Juice Bar – 1022 Queen St E Desmond & Beatrice Bakeshop and Cupcakery – 750A Queen St E Honey’s Beestro & Bar – 2232 Queen St E The Loop – 971 Kingston Rd Olive & Olives – 779 Queen St E Pert Lingerie … <entire article…>