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Patio Talk & Enjoy the Patios on the Beach Contest… UPDATE!

Who doesn’t like sitting on a patio for a cool drink and a delicious meal? Beaches|life wants you to enjoy the patios this summer by giving away: $100 and three $10 prizes to spend at one of your choice of our featured patios: Breakwall Restaurant & Bar Le Nouveau Papillon on the Park Sauvignon Vin Bistro To enter, tell us about your favourite Beaches and … <entire article…>

Online Calendars

August is a time when everyone is doing something other than their regular routine! With vacations, camp, cottage weekends and travel, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone, and all the events, including those happening in your own family. Trying to set up that annual family picnic? Arrange for friends at the cottage, share your vacation schedule with … <entire article…>

Think While You Drink… Drink More – Water That Is

August is the high point of summer. It is holiday time, vacation time and barbecue time. Time off from work means we allow ourselves to stay up late, have a few more drinks, a few more parties and even more drinks. Quickly, before you realize, your calorie intake adds up, dehydration takes effect and possibly a few extra pounds show … <entire article…>

Movies and Theatre, Under the Stars

With the beautiful summer weather, why not enjoy the cooler evening air while watching a film or play under the stars? Screening locations are available throughout the city.  Enjoy some popcorn, a cool drink and your favourite movies under the stars. FREE OUTDOOR MOVIE SCREENINGS Flicks at Harbourfront Wednesdays to Aug. 29 – harbourfrontcentre.com The screen is right by the lake … <entire article…>

Savory Canadian Food… Grilled Cheese

The ultimate comfort food, the grilled cheese sandwich, has been around for about 100 years. There are several theories about its origin, but when factory-made loaves of white bread became available in the 1920s, an open-faced sandwich was first prepared in the USA topped with graded cheddar cheese. Eventually a piece of bread was added on top. During the 1930s … <entire article…>

Renovating Your Garage & Storage

Your garage or storage is the ultimate “junk drawer”. It is filled with all the stuff we don’t have room for anymore, we don’t think we need any longer, or we just don’t want to look at. The Saturday after Labour Day is National Clean Out Your Garage Day. In honour of this occasion, here are tips to reclaim some … <entire article…>

Freedom and Flight. Come Dance with us at Pegasus – at any Age!

“We’re all about how children learn through the arts,” explains owner and co-founder of Pegasus Studios, Jane Davis-Munro. “Movement through music can start right away. It’s a fascinating area of study and something I’ve always been passionate about.” The Pegasus Dance and Art Centre (today known as Pegasus Studios) was founded in 1986 by Jane and her mother, artist Lynda … <entire article…>

Hey Kids, Get Published!

Dear editor, I just had the most awesome summer of my life! It all started the day after school ended… If you are 16 years old or younger, send your story about your summer to Beaches|life and include a photo if you like. You could win a $25 Staples gift certificate and be published in a magazine sent to 20,000 … <entire article…>

The Family That Bikes… Pedals Together

Family bike riding gives you and your kids an opportunity to work out, explore the city or a nearby park, get exercise, and have some fun at the same time. There are many park trails specifically designed for multiple uses, such as bike riding that take you through city parks, and on great “mini” adventures. A favourite for many years … <entire article…>