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A Journey Between Two Small Towns at the Water

Accomplished multidisciplinary artist, Joel Thomas Hynes is an actor, creator and executive producer of the hit CBC comedy series Little Dog, and author of 2017 Governor General’s Award for Fiction winner for his latest novel “We’ll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night ”. His recent triumph Little Dog, aired in 2018, is known for its full-on Newfoundland humour.  … <entire article…>

Staying Healthy Outdoors

What you Need To Know About Ticks and Lyme Disease We hear a lot about Lyme disease these days, and the dangers of being infected because of a tick. In Toronto the risks are still low, but it is always important to know how to protect yourself, particularly if you enjoy outdoor activities summer through fall in wooded areas that … <entire article…>

Our Love Affair with BBQ

Canadians LOVE barbequing.  We imagine a perfect summer day ending with a barbeque in the backyard, an outdoor BBQ spot, or cottage. Having a BBQ isn’t just a way to cook—it’s an event itself. Kids beg their parents, “Can we have a BBQ tonight?” and friends issue casual invitations to each other to “Come over for a BBQ”.  The great … <entire article…>

To Grill or Not to Grill

Barbequing may be a summer favourite to most of us, but some of the top chefs and grilling experts tell us that not all foods are best grilled. Some items need to be prepared ahead, or cooked on the BBQ using specific equipment. Fatty Prepared Meats – Fatty prepared meats like sausages should not be cooked raw. They tend to just … <entire article…>

Sampling The World In Toronto

The City of Toronto has been described as Canada’s crown jewel of multiculturalism, a sparkling, rich, colourful and precious treasure. Toronto has many well-known neighbourhoods like Portugal Village, Greektown, Little India, Little Italy, and spread across the city are large communities with Chinese, Jewish, Filipino, Sri Lankan and West Indian residents.  In this multi-part series, we will be featuring some … <entire article…>

Mid-Summer Herb Harvest

Herbs have been used in cooking for centuries, not only lending their distinctive flavours to foods, but their preservative qualities too. Thyme, for example, was valued for its essential oil called thymol, and was used to preserve meats before the advent of refrigeration.  Mid-summer through the end of September is the best time for harvesting and preserving herbs. In fact, … <entire article…>

Social Justice to the Movies

We think it’s better, and on a whole, it is, but we are also reminded that there’s a long way to go. This edition of Beaches|life we are featuring films that address social justice. Some are Hollywood re-tellings, others are documentaries, but all are considered some of the best on the subject. They are funny, sad and most of all … <entire article…>

Sweating in Style

Like the beginning of the calendar year, the beginning of school year is the second most popular time for people to get back into an exercise regime.  It used to be exercise meant baggy gym shorts and an old T-shirt. But today, you can be stylish, while getting into shape. Modern athletic wear also offers “performance” benefits: fabrics that breath … <entire article…>

5 Great Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Today, it’s hard to imagine not having everything you need right in your pocket. Our mobile devices help us do everything from shop to get around town to go on a blind date. Apps like Twitter, Spotify, and Amazon are on most of our phones, but what about those lesser-known ones? Here are five great and yet obscure apps you … <entire article…>