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Thank You for Kicking-off the Summer With Us! Let’s BEACH! 2019 Recap

On June 22nd, local residents and businesses got together to celebrate the first weekend of the Summer on the beach – Let’s BEACH! Businesses showcased their products & services, local artists put up a great entertainment and many residents came out to enjoy the day.   To find out more about the participating businesses and to view event photos and … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours: Avling Kitchen and Brewery – 1042 Queen St. E. Beaches Brewing Company – 1953 Queen St. E. Blue Cloud Café – 1934 Queen St. E. East Toronto Vascular Clinic – 1805 Queen St. E. LCBO – Lakeshore & Leslie (16A Leslie St.) Level UP Learning Center – 1767 Queen St. E. Marvelous Beauty Lounge – 2144A Queen … <entire article…>

Beaches Living Guide Online

Did You Know?  How did the village of Norway get its name? The Boston Hotel at Kingston Road was named after whom?  Alexander Graham Bell conceived the idea of the telephone in what Ontario city? Berkeley was the name given to a mansion in downtown Toronto and to what else? The first public tramway system in the east end went … <entire article…>