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Our Dear Neighbours

                Photo: Sorrento, Italy Have you noticed how lively our neighbourhood streets are with extended public space for diners and restaurants? Doesn’t remind you of street scenes of old fashion Europe, or vibrant New York City? What a way to enjoy our neighbourhood through out the hot summer! With many creative ideas and … <entire article…>

Helena’s Hope: Kicking Childhood Cancer to the Curb

Helena Kirk is likely one of the busiest Minor Niners you will ever meet. When she is not busy getting straight A’s in all of her high school classes, or doing martial arts three times a week, she is leading the charge on a cause that is dear to her heart and significant to the entire country. When Helena was … <entire article…>

Making a Family Routine

Parents across the country are doing their best to create a routine for teaching at home. Although schooling has changed these past few months, the life lessons remain the same. Whether equipped with a curriculum or not, there are some skills you can teach your kids that don’t require a textbook or Google classroom. In fact, these life skills can … <entire article…>

Making the Most Out of This Summer

For most people in the city, summer holidays this year will definitely look and feel a bit different this year. Perhaps your plans to travel have been cancelled, or your favourite music festival has been postponed. It is true, many of the summer staples, like having drinks at your favourite patio, have been modified this year because of social distancing. … <entire article…>

It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Hands Dirty

Since March, many Torontonians found themselves going back to the basics while spending so much time at home. There has been a big rise in popularity in baking (especially bread) and gardening. You may think it’s too late to start gardening, that the planting season is long over, but that is not the case. Here are six of the best … <entire article…>

The Fall Fashion Transition

August is upon us, which means September is around the corner. This period of late summer transition into the Fall can be hard to navigate, fashion wise. We all want to hold on to that summer wardrobe for as long as we can. We all get a sense of dread when we see the mannequin displays at our favourite store … <entire article…>

Making Summer Fish Stories

Summer is heaven for anglers. There’s nothing like making a catch and bringing it home for a superb meal. Seeking out a place to fish in Ontario is not difficult; with our plethora of lakes, rivers and streams. There is no shortage of places to go fishing in the province. No matter what city, town you live in there is … <entire article…>

Boosting Your Immune System

Boosting immune health is a topic of conversation, which is high on many people’s list of goals for themselves. You may be wondering how you can help your body fight off illnesses. Or how can your diet or vitamins help boost your immune system. In general, our bodies, or immune system, does an admirable job warding off harmful pathogens or disease-causing organisms. However, sometimes … <entire article…>

Embarking on one of the biggest infrastructure Projects in Toronto’s History: Port Lands Naturalization Project Update Part III

Engineering For The Future   Bring Back Local Natural Habitat The mouth of the Don River Naturalization will deliver: Over 1,000 m of new river channel 13 hectares of new coastal wetland, with a 2 hectare wetland patch adjacent to the Don Roadway connecting to the Ship Channel. 5 hectares of terrestrial habitat located within the constructed valley system with additional … <entire article…>