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Going Back to School with Mr. D!

For comedian Gerry D., who plays the teacher, Mr. D., in the CBC hit comedy of the same name, there’s no “back to school” in his future – but there is definitely a season 5. Talking with Gerard Donoghue, the real Gerry D., this summer in Halifax, the Toronto-born actor is busy taping the show, to be aired in January. … <entire article…>

The Secret to Succeed at Anything You Want…

Patience & Persistence Pays Off Ever wonder how “those people” succeed and become famous? An elite athlete, a top scientist, the concert pianist, a self-made billionaire, or celebrity chef — the secret to get what you want, to be the best you can be or become an expert in any field, is simply… practice, practice, practice. Studies of the lives … <entire article…>

Happy Feet – Good for the Sole!

This may seem obvious, but you’ve only got two feet. And those feet have to last you a lifetime – in fact, they have to last you on average 75,000 miles by the time you are 50 years old. Imagine that. No matter how tall, slight or robust your body frame, your two feet, supported by two ankles, do it … <entire article…>

Grilling Glorious Vegetables

Grilling on an outdoor grill or BBQ today means way more than just meat. There is no vegetable that can’t be grilled. You just have to know how long each will take and the best way to serve once cooked. Traditionally, we’ve all known that onions can be grilled with kebabs. But what about squash, broccoli, even romaine lettuce? Yes, … <entire article…>

Getting Ready for Back to School

Getting a student ready for school these days no longer involves just a pencil case full of pens and binders packed with paper. Today, your child’s school could even be one of the growing list of schools moving to ‘BYOD’ – ‘Bring Your Own Device’. Students, particularly those studying at colleges and universities, simply cannot manage without a computer or … <entire article…>

Colour Me Fall 2015 in a Unisex Palette

Rich red browns, soft mossy greens, beautiful violets – make way for fall colours in both fashion and decorating. The fall 2015 palette certainly seems to be inspired by nature, and mixed together in both subtle and unexpected ways. Colour experts are also telling us that this fall is one of the first times we’ve seen a palette suitable to … <entire article…>

Patio Talk Winners…

Beaches|life Patio Talk featured in the June/July edition got you, our patio goers, talking! Overwhelming responses and entries to the contest shows you know where to go for summer patios. We encourage you to also try some new places – you won’t be disappointed because our patio goers had great things to say about all the featured patios. Congratulations to … <entire article…>

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Wallet

With the nice weather comes increased travelling and more time to spend outdoors. With more time out, of course we need to carry a few things with us like cell phones, keys, money, identification and of course our wallets. Unfortunately, with all the added outdoor activities, there is a greater chance you could lose your wallet. We all know the … <entire article…>

Let’s Talk About Health…. the Healthy Issue

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Beaches|life Let’s Talk About Health got you talking. We encourage everyone to try out some of our local health businesses.  Congratulations to our Lucky Healthy Talk Winners: 1st Prize: $100 gift card – Louis Welcatt 2nd Prize: $40 gift card – Nancy Smail 3rd, 4th, 5th Prize: $20 gift card – Robin Chassom, Alan Burk, Stephanie Pearson The winners were … <entire article…>