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Beaches Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving comes in many forms, from the things you buy, time spent together,x to doing something special for someone. It’s all about making others feel special, remembered and appreciated. Beaches|life Gift Suggestions & Ideas at Local Shops: TOP GIFT IDEAS UNDER $25 Bottle of real maple syrup Make a music CD or photo DVD Movie passes Magazine subscription Make … <entire article…>

10 Comedies to Tickle your Funny Bone…

Give yourself the gift of laughter. Why not relieve some of that holiday stress with these classic and modern comedies? Get yourself some popcorn, a cold drink and put your feet up. It’s movie time!

In Between Times–Recharge, Re-energize, Renew

Remember that December and early January are supposed to be holiday time. Even if you are busy with family and friends, take some unscheduled time off. Leave your watch on the dresser and your cell phone turned off. There are lots of outdoor places for “mini breaks” such as: The Toronto Zoo Trails through our City Parks Skating at City … <entire article…>

Cheers 2010! A new attitude for the new decade!

What a decade we have just walked through since entering the new millennium! From some serious world issues, a recession that has affected many, to record breaking weather conditions such as never-ending snowfalls and warm sunshine in November. We’ve seen the Green Movement bring us down to earth and back to basics! And technology with the Internet has continued to … <entire article…>

Make this holiday season your personal best

Whatever your traditions, the holiday season has been celebrated by young and old, year after year. If you are young, you are just starting to count each and every holiday season. But for many, the holidays might seem countless by now. Our good memories can make the season special! So before you make a list of gifts to buy, before … <entire article…>

Blue Rodeo From Juno to Hockey & Everything in Between

Despite their internationally renowned fame and success that Blue Rodeo have accumulated in their 25-year career, the members of Blue Rodeo haven’t forsaken their Toronto roots. Co-frontman Jim Cuddy and his wife Rena Polley have lived in the same East Toronto neighbourhood for over 20 years, where they’ve raised three child-ren together: Devin, 22, Emma, 21, and Sam, 17. “My … <entire article…>