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Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome new neighbours An Sibin Pub – 709 Queen St. E. Bello Bio – 2308 Queen St. E. Jalan – 982 Kingston Rd. Moo Milk Bar – 1918A Queen St. E. Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken – 913 Queen St. E. Skin & Bones – 980 Queen St. E. Souvlaki Hut – 2100 Queen St. E. Walmart at Gerrard Square –1000 … <entire article…>

Good Things Come From a Good Night’s Sleep

A survey by Harvard Women’s Health Watch found that more people are sleeping less than six hours a night, and sleep difficulties visit 75% of us at least a few nights per week.  If this happens once in awhile, it’s okay, but if you are always short of sleep, you need to figure out how to add in some more … <entire article…>

The Mother Nature “MONA” Hard at Work for You

Here’s a healthy tip from one of Toronto’s eco-friendly house and office cleaning services. Sheri-Anne Wooley, owner and founder of MONA Home and Office Cleaning, suggests that every day for 20 minutes, you open a front and back window to create a cross breeze. “It’s an old fashioned practice that’s proven to move dust out of the house and clean … <entire article…>

For Cigar Lovers & Novices A True Tobacconist in the Beaches

Founder and owner of The Smokin’ Cigar, Trae Zammit, is loving being in the Beaches community. His second store, opened 18 months ago on Queen Street East, draws in customers from around the city who enjoy what he refers to as a bit of luxury lifestyle. “We are just so excited to be here,” he says “the Beaches is such … <entire article…>

Beat Winter’s Silent Killers

Winter and cold weather means that our furnaces are in full use, fireplaces crackle with high flames, and candles light up a cozy long evening. We all love the warmth and warm glow of a heated home in winter. Our windows and doors are closed tight and we seem to spend more time indoors. Lurking amongst this wonderful warmth is … <entire article…>

When Customers are Top of Your Mind, You Become Top in Their Minds

Keeping in touch with your customers is key to building trust and loyalty – and a loyal customer is the most valuable asset to your business. There is no better time than this holiday season, to let your customers know that they are on top of your mind. “Top of mind” goes both ways between you and your customers. We … <entire article…>

Track Online Holiday Purchases

Browse, shop, click and pay—it’s easy to get carried away with online shopping. Unlike traditional shopping, lugging bags around a shopping mall, you can forget how much you’ve actually bought. A good idea is to set up a little system for tracking your online purchases so you’ll know what you’ve got, collect receipts in one place, and monitor delivery. Online … <entire article…>

Renovating Relationships

We all know that people are the most valuable asset in life – family, friends and co-workers. Although life gets so busy, we sometimes forget how much time has gone by since we last talked with an out-of-town relative, invited our parents over for dinner, or spent quality time with an old friend. We’ve kept in touch with emails, updated … <entire article…>

January, the Kick-off to the Popular Awards Season

PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS – January 9 The annual People’s Choice Awards gives all of us fans a chance to honor our favourite entertainers. Anyone can vote from anywhere, with 48 categories of shows, music, and movies. Voting is done online as well as on Facebook, Twitter and mobile devices. This year’s nominations include: Justin Bieber, who leads the tally with five … <entire article…>