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You Ask, You Answer…. The BIGGEST TREE FOUND!

Here’s the answer Thanks to everyone that participated in the Big Tree Hunt contest from the Oct./Nov. issue. Congratulations to Patti Craine and Bruce Hollowell, the winners. Their tree is 16 feet, 4 inches in circumference, and its branches span about 100 feet.           This issue’s question: Do you have a question to ask? Send it … <entire article…>

Make Holiday Relationships Resonate Throughout the Year

For most businesses, the holiday season is the make it or break it time of year. Customer loyalty is the life blood of your business and its success. There are some businesses, that are not so holiday related or reliant, where it actually is a quieter time. However, in either case, instead of expecting more business from your customers and … <entire article…>

Keeping Your Receipts Organized and Help Keep Your Bank Account Under Control

As we keep trying to move towards a paperless lifestyle, we now have a solution for that drawer full of sales receipts. There are several smartphone apps available that help you electronically store receipts, this is just one of many for both iPhone and Android devices, simple to use and of course, free to download. OneReceipt can store all of … <entire article…>

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like 10 Holiday Movies!

Everyone has their holiday traditions and movies are a big part of them. It is not possible to list  all the great movies that celebrate this magical time of year. Here are just a small sampling of movies, some newer, some not so new, but all will make you smile and remember what is important during the holiday season.   … <entire article…>

Don’t Let the Flu Get to You

Holiday season is a joyful time to enjoy with family and friends. Who wants to be stuck indoors taking pills and feeling miserable? Take control of your body this season and don’t let the flu get you down “period”! Everyone is at risk of getting the flu. Get the flu shot each fall to protect you and your family, friends … <entire article…>

Affordable Luxury at L.E. Jewellers

Elaine Gong knows her stuff – she’s been in the jewellery business for more than 20 years. She began working at the jewellery store part time in 1991, and when the owner wanted to sell, he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. In 1998, she purchased the store and rebranded it L.E. Jewellers, where it remained in the Loblaws … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome new neighbours Americana Hot Dog Company – 1036 Kingston Rd. The Canine House – 992 Kingston Rd. Family Dentistry – 1035 Kingston Rd. Hammer Skateboard – 2225 Queen St. E. Hogtown Smoke in the Beach – 1959 Queen St. E. Inez – 910 Kingston Rd. Leemen Coastal – 1006 Kingston Rd. Liberty Tax Beaches – 1716 Queen St. E. … <entire article…>

Symphony! of Stories – Sultans of String

Those attending a sold-out concert at Koerner Hall in Toronto on December 1st, were fortunate to have experienced the award winning Sultans of String celebrating the premier of their forth CD, “Symphony!” To perform the album live, the fi ve band members were joined by the Cathedral Bluff s Symphony Orchestra. Th is was a project three years in the making. Their original instrumentals off er … <entire article…>

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