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Taking Care of your Body Inside Out!

Prevention From Getting the Cold and Flu As we head into the winter season, more people are getting attacked by cold and flu. The infection usually comes from outside sources, such as things we touch and being in contact with others who are already infected, it’s our immune system that ultimately protects us, but if it is weak, it may … <entire article…>

New Year Celebrations Around the World

People have been celebrating the start of the New Year for over 4000 years!  Many cultures celebrate at times other than January 1 (following various cultural and religious practices). But ever since Julius Caesar declared in 46 BC that the year would begin according to the solar calendar, January 1 has become virtually a global celebration. The way in which … <entire article…>

Gift Giving Apps for the Holiday Season and All Year Round

It is the time of year for gift giving, but how do you keep track of what you’ve bought or who you’ve bought it for. How do you make sure you’ve stayed within a budget? Or perhaps you don’t set a budget, but want to spend similar amounts on each family member? And what if you had that great idea … <entire article…>

Winter Pet Care

When temperatures drop and snow drifts pile high, our pets need help keeping them safe. Even dog breeds that are developed to live in colder climates need attention. There are winter hazards in a city that could harm them. Here are some tips, depending on the type of pet you own. Don’t leave any pet outdoors for long periods of … <entire article…>

Look Out Holidays… Here Come the B-Movies!

Not every film can be a blockbuster or award-winning. Combining low budgets, quick-written scripts and second-tier actors, B-Movies are movie industry’s fast food – satisfying while watching. During the holiday season why not keep your pajamas on, start a fire and have some fun. After all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about anyway?           … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Go.

Welcome new neighbours: Beacon of Light Private Elementary School – 2191 Gerrard St. E. Blue Bell Academy – 2191 Gerrard St. E. Bodega Henriette – 1801 Gerrard St. E. BOMB Fitness – 862 Kingston Rd. BSide Beauty – 1148 Queen St. E. Children’s French Book Corner – 145B Main St. Community Physiotherapy Clinic – 1308 Queen St. E. Farm to … <entire article…>