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New Year’s Resolutions No More

Did you accomplish any of your New Year’s Resolutions from last year? If so, congratulations! But for some of us, the annual habit of making a list of what we’ll do (or not do) for the next 12 months just isn’t working any more.  We start with great goals, perhaps we’re going to exercise every day, or learn to play … <entire article…>

The In-Store Experience: You Can’t Beat It!

Businesses today keep hearing the same refrain over and over  –  go online, sell online, get your customers online, succeed online. So what does this mean to a store owner who actually operates a business from a bricks and mortar store? Your store could be your best advantage! In today’s world of e-selling, the experience that customers receive when they … <entire article…>

Winter Maintenance Checklist – All ‘Round Winter Protection

Canadian winters are harsh, whether or not we experience extreme cold, snow, sleet or just long periods of cold, grey skies. In fact, it’s the variations in the temperatures that are particularly hard on cars, homes, even our health. No one wants to be ill-prepared. Check out these tips: Home Replace furnace filters for energy efficiency and to prevent wear … <entire article…>

Sports and Entertainment 2018 Season Line-up

A new year and a new season of sports and entertainment begin! Celebrate last year’s achievements and this year’s new beginnings. Award season has begun! Watch the best in movies, television, entertainment and music. Also don’t miss a minute of championship sports, all-star games and the Winter Olympics over the next few months. Entertainment Awards: Golden Globe Awards (Jan. 7) Host: … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and on the Move

Welcome new neighbours: Beach Love – 2066 Queen St. E. Hand & Stone, Toronto Beaches Spa – 974 Kingston Rd. Succuterra – 1596 Queen St. E. Thank You and Best Wishes: Beryl’s Pepper Pot – 1610 Queen St. E. My Place in the Beach – 2066 Queen St. E. Rainbow Nail – 1889 Queen St. E. Rusty Hinges – 1360 … <entire article…>