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Six Good Reasons to Set-up your own Online Photo Albums

Not long ago, most of us would share our favourite digital photos by emailing them to each other – but now there is an easier and better way to share our memories without sending large-sized emails. Today you can easily find free online photo sharing programs to organize, store and share your pictures with family, friends and the world. Easy … <entire article…>

Team Titika A Store Inspired by Life!

Titika is more than just a bright, cheery store with wonderful clothing suitable for active, daily living as well as exercising – Titika is a Canadian designer success story! Opened just last September, Titika is the brainchild of two young fashion designers who met while studying at Toronto’s George Brown College. Courtney, who already had her own design line by … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome new neighbours Beach Fish House – 1936A Queen St. E. Blue Beach Nail & Spa – 2195 Queen St. E. Energy Café – 162 Main St. Estia Café – 992 Kingston Rd. Kemistri – 1124 Queen St. E. K S Progressive Rehab Clinic – 2194 Gerrard St. E. Little Peeps – 768 Queen St. E. Marble Slab Creamery – … <entire article…>

The Year of the Tiger: Feb. 14, 2010 – Feb. 2, 2011

Many people are curious about their yearly horoscope based on the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Lamb, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Each sign has five elements; Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. These elements influence the characteristics each individual.

So you think winter is boring?

Try to keep up with this list of things to do…. Feb. 7 – NFL Superbowl Feb. 12–28 – 2010 Olympic Winter Games Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day Feb. 14 – Chinese New Year Feb. 15 – Family Day Mar. 7 – Daylight Savings Time Mar. 7 – Academy Awards Mar. 13–21 – March Break Mar. 17 – St. Patrick’s … <entire article…>

Love Heart Health

February is Heart & Stroke month. To learn more about how you can have a healthy heart visit www.heartandstroke.on.ca. Stroke warning signs Stroke is a medical emergency. Recognizing and responding immediately to the warning signs of stroke by calling 911 or your local emergency number can significantly improve chances of survival and recovery. If a person is diagnosed with a … <entire article…>

Discover the magic at Enchanted Teak

Nature’s finest, from ancient ships to today’s furniture Although opened less than two years, business at Enchanted Teak is booming, filling about 200 pre-orders for furniture items every season in addition to continuous sales from the floor. “Customers give us hugs when we arrive with their items,” says Pauline White, who along with Randy Marchand, owns the store, “They keep … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

Every time I walk along this hilly street I get a warm feeling inside because of a thoughtful resident who has put this bench on their property inviting people to rest. It is always decorated with a seasonal touch and even has a waste basket beside it for your trash.   – Patricia Z. Win with your Secret Beaches Spot Send … <entire article…>

Get the Most from your Daily Walks with Cardio Walking Exercise

Walking is a safe, peaceful and effective way to lose weight and reduce stress. Now physical trainers recommend “cardio walking” for your heart. 3 Steps to the “Cardio Walk” Walk slowly for 5 minutes, or count 10 telephone poles. Increase your speed for the next 5 minutes, or 10 telephone poles. Now cool down. Walk slowly again for 5 minutes, … <entire article…>