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International Women’s Day

March 8 – International Women’s Day (IWD) has been observed since the early 1900’s as a global celebration of women, established before women were allowed to vote! It was celebrated for the first time on March 19, 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. More than one million women and men attended IWD rallies campaigning for women’s rights to work, … <entire article…>

Beaches 4th Annual Kids Program Open House

Saturday, February 19, 10am-2pm at the Beaches Rec. Centre An open house for parents and kids (0-16 yrs) to learn about and explore programs available in the Beaches and an opportunity to meet face to face with program organizers, teachers and coaches. Participating programs are in all areas including music, sports, science, arts, computers, play groups, tutors, after school programs … <entire article…>

Maple Syrup – Canada’s Liquid Gold

When I was a teenager, my parents best friends bought a maple syrup farm in Collingwood. Each year we would get a large maple bucket of syrup, which established my love of maple syrup. To this day, I can’t eat a pancake or waffle without it, and enjoying maple syrup generously poured over ice cream is heavenly! – Beth Parker … <entire article…>

Oscar® Glitter & Glam

The countdown to the 83rd Academy Awards has started. Besides the awards, the big question is what will everyone be wearing? This year, the red carpet pre-show will triple in time from 30 to 90 minutes. Get more of your favourite celebrities, trends and fashion. Online at Oscar.com, you can be the director and choose who you want see. Look … <entire article…>

Are you an Oscar Fanatic?

Enter our Beaches|life Oscar contest and be entered into a draw for two movie passes. How to play: Go through the following list of nominees, choose your winners and then email us your predictions by February 23. Everyone who has at least three correct answers will be put into the draw. Good Luck! The nominees are: Best Picture: 127 Hours … <entire article…>

Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Who can ignore a celebration that includes about 70 million people each year! All around the world, Irish and non-Irish alike drink Guinness, sing songs and wear green on March 17th. St. Patrick, Ireland’s Patron Saint, was born in the 4th century. He used shamrocks to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans and is also known for driving snakes out … <entire article…>

Valentine Promise Cards

Kids of all ages can make these special valentines that offer something special with the “I love you.” Write Promise Valentines to special people in your life using blank gift cards or coloured paper.  You might want to create handwritten notes wrapped up in gift boxes, or attach your promises to a flower or a helium balloon! Adult “Promise” Valentines … <entire article…>

Make 2011 the Year for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Start the new year guilt free. At one time or another, everyone has made New Year’s resolutions to get fit, eat right and reduce debt; we do this because we want to be happier.  Now that January is over, it’s time to set real goals and forget about the empty promises of resolutions. For centuries, men and women have pursued … <entire article…>

The Joys of Winter

Winter, Like it or not, is a part of our Canadian culture, along with snow shoes, toques, red mittens, scarves and skates! The next time you’re admiring the clear bright blue sky against rolling snow drifts or snow flakes hanging off branches, think about the joy winter brings! Snow means Canada; surviving a big snow fall rather than shutting down … <entire article…>