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Garden Dreams During the Winter Months

Your garden packed with snow or a few piles of dark slush? Perhaps your balcony is now crowded with lawn chairs in storage. Don’t despair. There are few activities besides just day-dreaming about those spring garden days that you can do during the winter months. Spend some serious research time learning what is growing in your area and check out … <entire article…>

A Healthier You is at Your Fingertip

If your smartphone isn’t already your best workout buddy, it might be in the future. Tracking your progress on a mobile app makes it easier to eat right, sleep well and of course, get a better workout. You should consult your physician prior to beginning a health altering regime. Here are some of the top-rated exercise, healthy eating and healthy … <entire article…>

Big Dreams Start Young – 10 MOVIES TO INSPIRE

We all have dreams, some are obtainable where as others may not be. We start to dream at a very young age and as we grow they become more  complex. This issue of Beaches|life is celebrating the dreams and inspirations of younger people and what journeys they take to fulfill them. Some of these movies are based on actual events … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome new neighboursGenzohair – 2480 Gerrard St. E. Goma Sushi – 2222 A Queen St. E. Massage Addict – 1842 Queen St. E. Unit 102 Outrigger (Tap and Table) – 2232 Queen St. E. Thai Room – 2063 Danforth Ave. The Ten Spot – Beaches.  2012 Queen St. E. Thank you and best wishes Altitude Bakery – 1346 Queen St. … <entire article…>

You Ask? You Answer.

Here’s the answer… The answer to the You Ask question from the October/November edition of Beaches|life: The RC Harris Water Plant used to be open to the public on weekends. Following 9/11, it closed its doors to the public for a number of years. In recent years it was reopened to the public during the Toronto Doors Open weekend in … <entire article…>

Twin Image has Everyone Seeing Double

Double the fun, double the value,  double the impact! You’re not seeing double. Walk into Twin Image Hairdressing in either of the east end Toronto locations and you may do a double take. There is a hairdresser in one place and it looks like the same person over there! Most days, however, you’ll find Nick Haros at the Danforth salon … <entire article…>

Winter Salads

Salads aren’t just for summer time. When freshly picked greens aren’t available, prepare a hearty winter salad instead. You still get the benefits of eating your vegetables plus a good dose of fibre, and it’s a great way to add variety to meal planning. Some winter salad tips: Winter salads contain items such as marinated roasted vegetables, crunchy additions like … <entire article…>

From the Halls of Degrassi to the Real Life of Luke Bilyk

For a young actor looking to get into the entertainment business, Degrassi: the Next Generation star, Luke Bilyk, has a valuable piece of advice, “Don’t ever give up”. “You may have to audition with 400 other actors,” he says, “all competing for the same role. But just always remember, they only have to say yes once, and your career is … <entire article…>