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Meet Nik & Halle, Neighbourhood Pharmacists at Zara’s

    Zara’s Pharmacy is a true family business at Gerrard and Woodbine. It is owned and run by husband and wife pharmacist team, Snehal and Nikunj Patel. The couple is building their dream of living and working in Canada. Visitors to the store will always find one or the other on duty to help with prescriptions, over the counter … <entire article…>

A “Heart” Look at Your $ Future

Dare we say it, but with tax season approaching, it’s time to look at the bigger picture of your personal finances. Whether you find it hard to make ends meet sometimes, or don’t feel secure for a healthy retirement, this is the time to do something… Simple adjustments in how you save and spend can make an impact if you … <entire article…>

10 Great Movie Franchises

With winter at its peak, what a better way to wait for spring then movie marathons made up of some of the best movie series ever made. These series range from sports to superheroes, vampires to mobsters, toys to outer space. The greatest thing about these films is even if you have already seen them before, they are just as … <entire article…>

The Great March Break Caper

Can you remember a year before “March Break?” The idea of giving students (and teachers) a week-long holiday didn’t happen in North America until the 1930s. Apparently, it all began in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when a New York swim coach was looking for a warm place to keep his swimmers in shape over the winter. The phrase “spring break” (used … <entire article…>

Sharing Your Screen Remotely – JOIN ME!

With the join.me mobile app you can join an online meeting no matter where you go.  With two versions, a free edition and a pro package, join.me offers meetings for everyone. The app is very intuitive, click the “start” button to start a meeting or click the “join” button to attend one. It’s that simple. The pro version gives people … <entire article…>

Adopting the Changing World in Your Business

Today, technology has changed the way we do business, whatever business you are in. You don’t need to be an IT business but you are sure to be affected one way or another. The best way to keep up with the ‘trend’ is to open yourselves up, explore and learn about the new soft tools that are available, and find … <entire article…>

Heat Up, Calm Down Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga Beaches

    Owner and yoga instructor Dana Dineen is a true Beacher. She grew up on Kippendavie Avenue in a house where her parents still live. She remembers the building at the corner of Queen and Kippendavie that used to have a car garage off the back lane. It’s the same building where she set up her Bikram Yoga Beaches … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours: The Greenery Patch – 2199 Queen St. E. Thank you and best wishes: Boulangerie – 1576 Queen St. E. Burger King – Leslie St./Lake Shore Blvd. Cha Da Thai – 1955 Queen St. E. Loving Nature Natural Foods –  1049 Kingston Rd. Vintage Queen – 1588 Queen St. E. Wireless Nerds – 1887 Queen St. E. Wood … <entire article…>