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What are your 2020 Oscar Predictions?

Drumroll, Please! Our best and wildest Oscar Prediction Contest WINNERS! Congratulations to: Best Prediction Winners (2) Joan Barrett: 7/8 correct answers Norm Abbott: 7/8 correct answers PS. the wild card this year is Best Picture, with just 5 correct answers. Did you get it right? Personal Pick Winners (2): Peter Hardman Mary MacKenzie Winners were chosen with online Random Number Generator … <entire article…>

Taking Johnny’s Music to Canadians and the World

Canada’s newest and youngest rising star, Johnny Orlando, at age 16 has made his name through social media with 5.7 million followers on Instagram. This past November, Johnny was the opening act at the Hudson’s Bay Christmas windows unveiling with headliner Carly Rae Jepsen. When 8-year-old Johnny and his 13-year-old sister Darian were looking for something to do around the … <entire article…>

Our Annual Love Affair with the Oscars

Why We Love the Oscars On Oscar Night, millions of people around the world tune in for the finale of the year’s awards season. Whether or not our favourites are nominated, or win, the truth is that many of us will stay glued to the television screen starting from the red carpet cover and ending close to midnight; and the … <entire article…>

Cool Winter, Warm Hearts

How many Facebook friends do you have? How many Instagram followers? How many people are in your contact list? Social media creates an ability to connect and engage with the rest of the world that’s never existed in before. Our favourite apps are a wonderful way to stay connected with people, your friends and your family, whether they live on … <entire article…>

Get (Winter) Active

During the winter months, many of us feel more like sitting around and watching television instead of going for a run! But despite a natural tendency in winter to slow down, staying active is essential for our health and our state of mind.  The first step, what do you like to do outdoors? For some, it might be skating or … <entire article…>

Playing Dress-Up How to Dress for a Formal Event

Receiving an invitation to a formal event can make you feel like Cinderella…. until you have to figure out what to wear. No need to panic. Here’s how to interpret formal for men and women so you can feel like royalty but still feel comfortable with your own style.  Black tie is often requested for an evening wedding reception, a … <entire article…>


Cold Weather, Warm Heart and Delicious Dining   Note: for Winter 2021, Many restaurants offer take-out and delivery, and many are offering special set menus. Check them out. Helping your local businesses because they are part of the neighbourhood we all live in. WINTER Yum! is calling your taste buds to explore the amazing food and drinks from all around the … <entire article…>

Movies Starring & About Great Women

It may have been your mother, girlfriend, sister or even teacher, whomever it was, we all have had special women inspire us. In this edition of Beaches|life, we are saluting the strong women in film, both the actresses and the characters they portray. The Color Purple | Thelma & Louise | Frida | Mona Lisa Smile | Million Dollar Baby … <entire article…>

DIY or NOT DIY…That is the Question

Got a project you need done around the house? Perhaps a shelf that needs building, some plumbing repairs, or just a thorough cleaning? Often, working on a project or getting to work scrubbing a kitchen can be a good way to relax, even work off some stress. But there are other times when it might make sense to ask, “Is … <entire article…>