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Hearty Meals for a Hearty Winter

There’s a reason why food in northern climates includes a lot of stews and roasted meals. The heat from cooking used to be a major factor in keeping a house warm and cozy, and at a time of year when you couldn’t get fresh vegetables, you could still enjoy delicious and nutritious meals. Besides, the aroma from a stew cooking … <entire article…>

What are your 2019 Oscar Predictions?

PLAY ONLINE TO WIN:  Participate in our annual Beaches|life Oscar® challenge for your chance to win a pair of movie passes to Alliance Cinema in the Beach. How to play: Go through the following list of nominees and predict the winners. Fill in your picks below by February 24, 8pm. The winner will be the one with the most correct … <entire article…>

Got Aluminum Foil? Your Problems are Solved!

Sometimes the lowliest products around the house are the most useful, especially when you’re in need of something and need to invent a solution. Just look at all these great ideas for aluminum foil. Keep a roll handy! Need a funnel or pastry bag? Shape foil into a cone. Need a wine or bottle stopper? Look no further than a … <entire article…>

Staying Ahead with Tech Part 1: Augmented Reality

Every year, thousands participate in the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and thousands more write and talk about the latest trends in technology equipment and gadgets. This year, the Las Vegas show featured hundreds of presentations from exhibitors on what’s to come in tech in the foreseeable, and at times, somewhat distant future. Over the next three editions of Beaches|life, … <entire article…>

Winter Day Project: Time for a Refresh

Many find themselves spending more time indoors during the winter. What better time than to take on a home project. You could set aside a few hours on Saturday, or stretch the project out for a week or two. Depending on time and budget, here are some ideas for a room refresh that gives your home, and yourself, a refresh! … <entire article…>

Winter Stations: Where Nature, Arts and Ideas Meet on the BEACH

An Exhibition Celebrating Toronto’s Winter Waterfront Landscape Visit and experience the life size installations and the frame of mind in each artist for their winning designs. Six winning stations are chosen from over 400 submissions around the world and will be installed between Balmy Beach and Woodbine Beach.  Vote for Your Personal Favourite Come and experience the Stations in real … <entire article…>

Keeping Great Staff

When you run a small business, you might think your most important “secret ingredient” is your products, or your location, or even the sign outside your business. These are all important, but when you think about it carefully, your true secret ingredient is your staff. You may have the best product in the city, but you need great people to … <entire article…>

Born To Be An Entrepreneur

Christi Johnson, owner of Still Images, has been part of the photo business literally all her life.  She grew up in a tiny mining town of Tumbler Ridge in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where her father, a geologist and photographer, also ran the local framing service. She then worked at her mother’s photo lab in Calgary, and after … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours: Beaches Osteopathy – 2 Lyall Ave. Bruno’s Fine Foods – 1884 Queen St. E. Butter Chicken Roti – 1610 Queen St. E. Farm Boy – 1005 Lake Shore Blvd. E. Glory Hole Doughnuts – 1505 Gerrard St. E. Grasshopper Restaurant – 2252 Queen St. E. Johnny Catch – 1681 Lakeshore Blvd. E. New Skin Laser Clinic – … <entire article…>