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Soccer Firmly “In Play” for Beaches and Downtown Kids, Youth and Adults

Within four short years, the Cherry Beach Soccer Club (CBSC) has doubled its membership and grown to 56 house league, 10 competitive and 6 adult teams. More importantly, over 30,000 children and youth in the Beaches and downtown core now have access to quality, affordable soccer that they can get to by public transit. The club began in 2009 as a not-for-profit organization. It offers recreational house … <entire article…>

Cherry Beach Soccer club and John Hendriks

Jewelry For Your Home – Add Some Bling To Your Decor

“Lighting in your home or business is like real estate,” explains Norton Abramson of Living Lighting at Queen and Woodbine, “It’s all about location, location, location.” It’s all part of the advantage of a small store with  in-house expertise and a keen eye for lighting suitable for the Beaches market. Norton and his staff don’t just “sell” lights, they advise on the kind of lights so that you … <entire article…>

Norton at Living Lighting in the Beach

Coming, Going and On the Move

Coming 4Cat Arts Studio – 2144B Queen St E Hair Ink Studio – 1578 Queen St E OMEGA Health + Fitness – 1089 Kingston Rd On Demand Printing – 1066 Kingston Rd Pizza Nova – 1614 Queen St E Sanderson Entertainment Law – 577 Kingston Rd Tuina – 2146 Queen St E Twin Image Hairdressing – 1001 Kingston Rd Wilkinson … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

Tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and You Could Win a $25 gift certificate to fido (1712A Queen St. E. location). Submit your answer by March 10, 12. Send us a photo of your Secret Beaches Spot with a brief description. If we feature it in Beaches|life you will receive a X-mini Capsule Speaker from fido, 1712A Queen St. E. Congratulations … <entire article…>

Cold Winter, Hot Drink!

Wonderful, Warm and Sweet: Hot Chocolate After being out in the cold, tobogganing, walking or skiing, what better way to warm up with one of Canada’s sweetest treats, hot chocolate. Did you know that this comfort drink is not native to Canada, nor was it originally served hot? Chocolate was used in a beverage centuries before it was considered a candy or added to … <entire article…>

Your prediction of the OSCAR winners

Participate in our second annual Beaches|life Oscar contest and be entered into a draw for two movie passes. How to play: Go through the following list of nominees, choose your winners. Everyone who has at least three correct answers will be put into the draw. Good Luck! Best Picture: The Artist The Descendants Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close The Help Hugo Midnight … <entire article…>

You Ask…You Answer

Winner of… Congratulations to David Livingston-Lowe, the winner of our question from the December/January issue. The Glen Manor rink is maintained by local volunteers and is usually ready in late November or December, when cold weather conditions allow for natural ice making. You Asked… Where did Kingston Road get its name from? Does it have anything to do with the city of Kingston? Why does it end at … <entire article…>

Are you ready be Paperless?

Likely, everyone has been asked to go paperless for their bills, receipts and bank statements. Number one reason, it save trees. Like everything, there are pros and cons, and it takes some time for us to adopt a new system. Is going paperless always the best choice for you? Things to watch out for when going paperless: If you decide to go paperless, make sure … <entire article…>


Winter “Stay in” Evenings

After the holidays, many are trying to save some money and avoid going too far on a cold, dark evening. How about a Games Night for family and/or neighbouring friends? It’s surprising how quickly a fun board or card game takes your mind off work and other worries. And best of all, “Stay In” evenings costs very little and are guaranteed to be … <entire article…>