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$$ Talks – Holidays bills are here

Wouldn’t it be nice if this time next year you weren’t worrying about paying your holiday bills? In order to avoid credit card shock next January, you can set-up a “pay yourself – holiday bills – first” plan. Here are some steps that will help you be holiday-debt-free next season. You now know the total amount you spent on gifts in 2011. Divide the total by … <entire article…>

Hockey Mom!

by Beth Parker I never thought I’d be one of those hockey moms, you know, yelling cheers from the sidelines and racing off to sit in a frigid arena several times a week. But suddenly I realized that it had happened. Without intending to join the growing group of parents that follow their sons and daughters as they take to the ice and play Canada’s favourite … <entire article…>

7 Steps to Soft, smooth, flake-free skin

by Raffi Nersesin, Paramedical Skin Health Winter is the worst time of the year for dry, flaky, cracking, chapped and leathery-looking skin. Here’s how to protect your face from the elements by changing your skin-care  regimen during the colder months. 1. Cleanse You want to be gentler on skin by avoiding foaming or soap-containing products because these will encourage dryness and irritation by stripping … <entire article…>

Dreaming Big As The Sun

UPDATE (May 1, 12) – READY, SET, AND GO! Follow up our story “Dreaming Big As The Sun” published in February Beaches|Life. – Marcelo da Luz and his Power of One (Xof1) Solar Car is heading off for a new challenge, 28 days pulling his solar car from Toronto to Otawa. Taking off this morning 10 am from Earl Haig … <entire article…>

Everything old is new again – 10 B/W classic movies

Today we are so accustomed to special effects, computer generated scenes, 3-D, and surround sound. As Oscar approaches, one film that has stirred up a lot of “buzz” is “The Artist”. The unique thing about this film is that it is a silent movie. With this in mind, Beaches|life decided to look back and feature some of the best films from Hollywood’s black and white era. Although … <entire article…>

Winter Tricks & Tips We bet you didn’t think of!

We may not be knee keep in snow (yet!) but the cold and icy conditions still can make driving treacherous if you’re not properly prepared. Don’t get caught. These tips come from Ontarians “north of Toronto” who really know how to survive winter. They’re basic, easy to do, and best of all, they’ve been proven to work! It will only take an hour … <entire article…>

eWaste at the curb – Unwanted electronics on your garbage day

Now that the holidays are over, you may be enjoying some of the newest, “coolest” gadgets, and be thinking about replacing some old ones that have been your buddies for many years. But now it’s time for them to go. The City of Toronto, in collaboration with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship, is making it easier for you to get rid of unwanted electronics and ensure that these items … <entire article…>

eWast Electronics

The Magic of Ginger

Ginger may be a plain rhizome that grows underground, but ginger possesses stellar properties to improve health, address sickness and fight disease. Choose fresh ginger over the dried spice. The flavour is superior and it contains higher levels of gingerol as well as ginger’s active protease (its antiinflammatory compound). Ginger’s History Native to southeastern Asia, ginger has been renowned for thousands of years throughout the world, … <entire article…>

Life Renovations

Everyone has a personal wish list. Items might include better finances, owning a house, renovating your kitchen, learning to garden, giving your child the best education, having a job you love to do, etc. But there is a reason it is called a “wish” list. Why not take some of your items off the wish list and turn them into reality? There’s no better time than the … <entire article…>