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Be part of the “Next Big Thing”

By now, you’ve thought about or already made plans for growing your business in 2016. Growth doesn’t have to mean a big step but it’s an indicator for moving forward. Sometimes a series of smaller, careful steps move your business forward in a way where you can track your progress, reflect on what is working and adjust as you go … <entire article…>

Seeing Success Everyday, in Every Step of Your Journey

What is Your Success? What’s Your Success today? Do you consider yourself a successful person? Personal success comes in many different forms, and it is defined by ourselves. What you might think of as being successful may not be the same as what someone else believes. It’s easy to think that a sign of success is having a lot of … <entire article…>

A Healthy Life with a Lasting Bright Smile

The health of your mouth is directly connected to the health in the rest of your body and vice versa. There was a good reason that we were all told by our parents to brush our teeth. We knew it would give us a bright smile, prevent cavities and keep our breath smelling fresh. There is more, much more – … <entire article…>

Comfy, Shepherd’s Pie

An old favourite from the United Kingdom is cottage or shepherd’s pie. It’s a tasty ground meat dish topped with mashed potatoes that most of us remember from our school days. Shepherd’s pie should actually be made with ground lamb; “cottage pie” is what the dish is called when it is made with beef. But these days, most people just … <entire article…>

Time to Take Future Finances into your Own Hands

Every day we hear about interest rates going up or going down, and read reports about the US dollar in the news. Does the state of the Canadian and the world economy have an effect on our daily lives, or is it something we should just leave to the bankers to figure out? Set your own financial goals and objectives … <entire article…>

Buying in “Urban” Bulk

Local Entrepreneur Follows a Three-Generation Tradition Aziza Popat, owner of Urban Bulk Emporium, Queen Street’s new bulk food store (since 2015), is no stranger to the bulk food business. Both her grandparents and parents ran bulk food stores. Growing up, she spent much of her spare time helping in the back room. “But when I was studying business entrepreneurship at … <entire article…>

Love, a Truly Global Affair

As Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 in North America, this tradition has traveled around the world. Internationally the “Day of Love” is celebrated at different times, in different ways for different cultures. The celebration of romantic love as well as friendship and family is truly a global affair! France “City of Love” February 14 It claims to have … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Move

Welcome new neighbours: Amy’s Place – 155 Main St. No Bones About It – 2186 Queen St. E. Stark Fitness – 2209 Gerrard St. E. Torq Ride – 978 Queen St. E. (opening Spring 2016) Zoltzz Renfrew  – 1936 Queen St. E. On the Move (new location): Yoga Yoga East  – 1400 Kingston Rd. Thank you and best wishes: Bella … <entire article…>