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Affordable New Tech Gadgets

Whether you’re trying to charge multiple devices at once, keep your stuff more secure, or clear up clutter, there are some innovative and inexpensive tech gadgets today that can make all of this happen. Here are just a few of what the experts suggest, and all for about $25 or less. LCD writing tablets: Inexpensive, various choices feature a letter-sized … <entire article…>

Winter Stations Return for a fourth consecutive year!

An exhibition celebrating Toronto’s Winter waterfront landscape Visit and experience the life size installations and the frame of mind in each artist for their winning designs. Eight stations will be installed this year along the sandy beach between Balmy Beach and Woodbine Beach. Five winning Stations are chosen from over 400 submissions around the world and three Stations are institutional … <entire article…>

Be Good to YOU this Valentine’s Day – What makes you happy?

For many, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of friendship and kindness expressed to others as well as yourself. In addition to showing others love and affection, take time on the 14th to practice some self love. It means accepting who you are, and being proud of it. Fall in love with every thing that makes you – you! … <entire article…>

New Hope for Kids Struggling in School – Addressing Dyslexia

Monica Hough faced an unexpected challenge when she and her mother began to notice that her young daughter was struggling with letter recognition and reading. She had to wait 3 years to have her daughter tested and was formally diagnosed Dyslexia (difficulty with reading), Dysgraphia (difficulty in hand writing) and Dyscalculia (difficulty with calculations). After researching and learning more about … <entire article…>

Pure + Simple The Beach – A Perfect Fit All Round

When Carmen Doyle set out to run her own business, she had to think first of what she might enjoy doing. A CA by training, Carmen was no stranger to the ins and outs of running a company. She also is a part-time CFO of a software company so she knew what its like to be a small business owner. … <entire article…>

Coming, going and on the move…

Welcome New Neighbours: barre3 Toronto – 1383 Queen St. E. Beach Hill Smokehouse – 172 Main St. Crowded House – 1113 Queen St. E. Fearless Meat – 884 Kingston Rd. SKAUT Design – 874 Kingston Rd. Thank You and Best Wishes: Dufflet Pastries – 1917 Queen St. E.