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Things My Father Taught Me

Most of us remember things our fathers taught us, perhaps when we were very young or even as a rebellious teenager!  This Father’s Day, say “thanks dad”. Thank you for… Showing me how to ride a bike… by taking off my training wheels, even though I begged you not to. Teaching me the perfect slap shot… when I should have … <entire article…>

How to keep your home safe and sound this summer

We think that it can’t happen to us, but residential robberies and home invasions do happen in our city. Although alarm systems help deter criminals, they can also give you a false sense of security. There are steps you can take, even if you have an alarm system, to stop or discourage criminals before they try to enter your home. … <entire article…>

Letter from our readers

In response to the Beaches Living Guide Spring/Summer 2009 issue, Blanche Mitchell writes: Have your say. Thank you for such an informative and interesting magazine. Beaches Living Guide is the only magazine that I read cover to cover. I found the Arts & Crafts Architecture in the Beaches very interesting, I love reading the history of our wonderful area. Your … <entire article…>

Google’s new voice activated 411 service. It’s free, fast and easy to use. Give it a try and see how simple it is to find and connect with local businesses… and no computer is required. Dial 1-800-GOOG-411 Say where (choose from city, street names/intersection, postal code, etc.) Say what you’re looking for (actual business name or type of business i.e. … <entire article…>

A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name (almost!)

Everyone knows Joe. Pharmacist Joe Hsu has been serving customers at Hooper’s Pharmacy since 1997. “I’ve seen kids grow up to be teens, babies that now play basketball,” he laughs when describing the benefits of working at the same area for such a long time. Hooper’s has built its reputation as a pharmacy that offers both traditional and alternative health … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome new neighbours A&L Ice Cream – 162 Main St. Bagel World – 2018 Queen St. E. Beach Pet-tenders – 537-B Kingston Rd. Contemporary Computers – 1101 Queen St. E. Ed’s Real Scoop, Leslieville – 920 Queen St. E. Kids on the Hip – 1142 Queen St. E. Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolates – 5 Coady St. Le Papillon on the … <entire article…>

Good things do grow in Ontario

The best time for seasonal fresh produce. After a long winter, Ontario’s spring growing season starts to bear fruit – literally.  Welcome to the beginning of the best eating months of the year! Apples: August, September, October Apricots: July, August Asian Veggies: June, July, August, September, October Asparagus: June Beans: June, July, August, September, October Beets: July, August, September, October … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Beaches|life is often asked questions about the Beaches neighbourhood. Who better to answer them than you, our knowledgeable readers? In each issue we will publish selected questions from our readers for you to answer. In the following issue, we will share the best answers. The answer from the last issue comes from Kym W. The Leuty Lifeguard Station was built … <entire article…>

Woman’s Catering Business a Success Story

The Beaches is home to the owner of one of Toronto’s most successful catering businesses, “Feast Your Eyes”. Owner and senior event planner, Linda (Lin) Bennett, “loves the energy in the community” and recently began promoting her business in the neighbourhood. One recent event in the neighbourhood was an in-store celebration at a local store, Vernissage Jewellery. “We are particularly … <entire article…>