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How To Help Your Kids Get The Most From Summer

Summer flies by for adults, but for children, it seems almost endless. Here are a few tips to make sure your kids get the most from summer: Plan a day at the Beach or a picnic on Toronto Island. Combine a hike with a scavenger hunt, perhaps through a local park or ravine. Let them camp out, even if it’s … <entire article…>

Eat Well. Get Smart!

Imagine a diet that can make you smarter! Recent studies have shown that certain nutrients may have significantly positive effects on the brain. Some foods actually maximize your brain’s potential, others protect against diseases that affect the brain. Egg yolks – for brain function Spinach –protects against age-related issues Yellow-fin tuna – protects against Alzheimer’s Cranberries – improve memory Sweet … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

I was surprised to come upon this barn so obviously from the “horse and buggy” days, yet so near to Queen St. On one visit I met a neighbour who informed me that it had to be around 100 years old, if not more. And it’s still in such good condition! I’m delighted that we preserve such interesting historic buildings … <entire article…>


Items that should never be tossed into your blue box Hazardous Waste – Gas cylinders, batteries (must not be put in garbage, take to Drop-off Depot) Plastic – Toys, make-up jars, caulking tubes, food storage containers, pails with metal handles, motor oil jugs, plant trays, flower pots, CD/DVD cases, plates, glasses, cutlery, packing peanuts (i.e. popcorn) Plastic (clear) – Egg … <entire article…>

Sons of Beaches Good Music for a Good Cause

Sons of Beaches grew up locally and attended Malvern, Neil McNeil and Danforth Tech schools. Brothers Frank and Patrick were both bitten by the  musical bug at an early age. Although they were both active in music–Frank  singing in rock bands since the mid-80s and his brother Patrick playing piano–they never really performed together. Mike came from a history of … <entire article…>

Oh Canada!

Celebrate Our Nation’s Birthday Together Let’s party it up this July 1! As Canadians we tend to be a bit shy about flag waving compared to our neighbours from the south. Our country’s birthday is around the corner, let’s make the Beaches community the most flag waving place in Toronto, and maybe even the Country! Just as a reminder, Canada … <entire article…>