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Shortcut To Your Businesses

For advertising call 416-690-4269 or email info@beachesliving.ca Our next Beaches|life is the Late Summer edition for August/September. Deadline to book your space is July 10, 2012. Alf’s Antiques & Handcrafted Furniture, alfsantiques.com BDD Landscape Maintenance, blackdahliadesign.ca Beaches BathCity, beachesbath.com Breakwall Restaurant & Bar, 416-699-4000 Budget Blinds, budgetblinds.com/SouthEastToronto Casa di Giorgio Ristorante, casadigiorgio.ca Cherry Beach Soccer Club, cherrybeachsoccer.ca Ellyn Lilly, ellynlilly.com … <entire article…>

Happy Canada Day! How well do YOU know YOUR Country?

Questions: What are Canada’s two national sports? When was “Oh Canada” proclaimed as Canada’s national anthem, 1870, 1935, 1980? What is Canada’s national animal? What is the capital of Canada? Name the five Great Lakes and which one is not in Canada? Who was Canada’s first Prime Minister? What is the origin of the name “Canada”? Who was the Metis … <entire article…>

Pack Smart

Where am I going? What shall I wear? What should I take? Where might you find yourself this summer? Perhaps at a summer cottage, taking a day trip to a festival or show out of town, or flying to the other side of the world. Pick your clothing options carefully, for comfort, style and space! Here are five things to … <entire article…>

What’s in a Name this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, why not take the time to talk with your family about some family traditions, stories from the past, interesting ancestors. It can be a great time for both fathers and grandfathers to contribute to the “memory bank” of family history. You can even involve children ahead of time by having them think up a question each to … <entire article…>

Hot Summer Sun and Longest Daylight

The official beginning of summer, known as the Summer Solstice, is June 22. It is called the “longest day of the year” because we get more daylight than any other day of the year. Is also the day when the noonday sun rises as high as it can in the sky, appearing almost to stand still! Did you know? “Solstice” … <entire article…>

Fresh, Fresh & More Fresh Foods – Must Have Summer Foods in Your Kitchen & Fridge

Summer Food Check-List So it is 100 degrees in the shade and dinner time. Besides opening the fridge door to cool down, is there anything you want to make for dinner? Probably not unless you’ve stocked up with a few summer time “essentials”. Keep a few of these summer staples on hand and you’ll be ready for a patio dinner … <entire article…>

Another birthday… Canada, you don’t look 145!

Once again Beaches|life encourages you and fellow Beachers to show your pride by waving the Canadian flag and adding to our Canada map. Together with Google Maps, we can make our neighbourhood Canada’s first flag waving “hot spot”. Since we began this campaign in 2010, it has grown outside our neighbourhood to include the Rouge, Clarington and Stouffville. Why not help … <entire article…>

Workplace Renovations

The average adult spends roughly 30% of their life working, preparing for work or thinking about work. During the summertime, why not make  the experience a bit more pleasant for you and your employees? Studies show that a tidy, attractive workplace is more productive. Clutter can seriously interfere with getting things done, and poor lighting reduces the speed at which … <entire article…>

Get Your Daily Berry Fix

In 1616, Canadian explorer Samuel de Champlain wrote, “Without them we might have starved to death.” He was talking about berries, especially blueberries and raspberries, that his team of explorers found growing along the shores of the Ottawa River and Lake Huron. Not only did they keep these early explorers from starving to death, they kept them healthy! Today we … <entire article…>