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Delight Dad on Father’s Day

Celebrating dad can be a lot more challenging than picking up a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates on the way home from work. And mushy messaging and sentimental cards may fall on dry eyes. Dads can be tricky dudes to buy for, so how do you make sure to get the right gift when Father’s Day rolls … <entire article…>

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Where the World Comes to Play

The world’s biggest soccer event, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – happens this June and July. The World Cup draws the world together like no other tournament can. Canada is a nation of many nations, with Toronto being its most diverse and inclusive city. Even though Canada did not qualify for World Cup, there is still a lot of … <entire article…>

BBQ and the Beast – A Modern Day Bromance

Summer lovin’ happened so fast, summer lovin’ had me a blast… These famous words from the classic musical, Grease, have been known to stick in the head of many a romantic as summer draws near. But one must wonder: When it comes to men, are they thinking about the “grease” associated with their beloved barbecues? As a female who is … <entire article…>

The Path to Men’s Health

Men’s health is often overlooked – sometimes because activities such as yoga or cardio fitness classes are filled with more women than men; other times because when men think of ways to optimize their fitness level, they default to strength training and/or cardiovascular exercise as the gold standard. However, a balanced lifestyle, healthy body inside and outside, is equally important … <entire article…>

10 Summer Camp Movies

Some of the greatest film memories come from summer camp movies. They touch our funny bone, pull on our heart strings and sometimes scare the heck out of us. Sure, they may not be Oscar® worthy or evening critically acclaimed, but what they may lack in “high-brow” they make up for in just making us feel good.  Who didn’t shed … <entire article…>

Keeping Cool. Looking Cool. Saving Money!

The Nest thermostat works off the premise that so few homeowners actually set up their home’s programmable thermostat – so the Nest programs itself by learning your household patterns. For example, if a family typically likes the house to be 20 degrees Celsius during the day, and an energy- saving 17 degrees at bedtime (around 11pm) in a few days … <entire article…>

Sunglasses – Everybody’s Stylish Friend

Whether its geeky chic or oversized aviators, you are sporting the latest eyewear trends. Glasses help us to see, protect our eyes from the sun and are everyone’s favourite accessory. As Yasmine Boga of Envy Eyewear Boutique describes: There are many options when it comes to men’s sunwear. Do you want function, fashion, sporty, suit ready, retro, or classic? What’s … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

This picture is a little piece of history. When I read it I can picture what this area looked like many years ago. Tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and you could win a signed hardcover edition of “On Toronto – An Urban Portrait” by Rudi Christl. Email your answer by July 10 to info@beachesliving.ca. Send … <entire article…>

Hot Summer, Cool Beer: Craft Beer Not so “Micro” Anymore

The beer landscape is changing rapidly in Canada. Craft beer is becoming mainstream. This popularity has a large number of craft brewers vying for your attention. Beer enthusiasts everywhere agree that the popularity of craft beer is surging. There are more brands, more awareness, more promotion, higher availability. In Ontario, this can be traced to several factors. First, there is … <entire article…>