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Who’s your favourite personality?

Everyone gets into the Halloween mood on Saturday, October 31. Now is the time to start thinking about your perfect costume. Costume Trends for 2009 The 1980s are back in everyday clothing and for Halloween costumes. With the recent deaths of Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze and Michael Jackson, costumes from the 1970s and ’80s are going to be more popular … <entire article…>

Your Annual Fall De-Junk

Looking for instant home improvement? Do a “de-junk” of your closets, basement, storage locker or garage. Electronics & household hazardous waste– The Ontario Government encourages reuse, recycling and, if needed, proper disposal of unwanted electronic equipment and household hazardous waste. To find a drop-off location in your area, visit dowhatyoucan.ca. Trash Talk Our new city garbage bins are smart. Each … <entire article…>

Star Gazing – Shooting Stars

A meteor shower is expected from October 15 to 29. Astronomers predict up to 20 to 25 meteors per hour on the night of October 21. Another meteor shower (The Leonids) takes place November 14 through 20. The best night for viewing will be November 17.

World Pasta Day

Thursday, October 25, is World Pasta Day. The primary purpose of World Pasta Day is to promote the culinary and nutritional benefits of pasta. It’s believed that pasta has been around for at least several thousand years. Pasta making utensils have been found in Etruscan tombs and ancient Roman archaeological sites making it likely that pasta has been eaten by … <entire article…>

Laura DiBattista – News Anchor, Health Specialist and Hometown Girl

Laura DiBattista, no stranger to Torontonians, is a life-long resident of the Beaches. When she is not in front of the camera, researching current health topics  or on assignment, Laura loves to work out at the Balmy Beach Club, spend time with family (daughter, husband, mom, sister) and friends, and especially enjoys having family meals together. As part of a … <entire article…>

The Autumn Fair

Getting the Most out of Fall Autumn in Ontario is one the most beautiful times of the year with warm days, cooler evenings and a dazzling display of rich fall colours in all directions.  From country fairs to picking apples, from hiking in the woods, mushroom picking to star gazing, there are so many fun things to do during this … <entire article…>