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Three “Sisters of the Harvest”

Corn, green beans and squash were celebrated by North American woodland Natives as the three “sisters of the harvest” because they nurture each other. The broad corn leaves protect the squash from the wind and sun, the squash leaves prevent weeds from growing and help retain soil humidity, and beans fix nitrogen levels in the soil and climb up the … <entire article…>

Call for Stories – Your personal memories of Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould – our local musician & world-wide phenomena was born and grew up in the Beaches. Although he passed away in 1982, his talent and spirit live on in people’s memories.  Beaches Living is putting together a feature story about Glenn Gould for the fall issue of  Beaches Living Guide. We would like to hear your personal stories of … <entire article…>

Fall in Love with Sarah Richardson – Designer with a Difference

Toronto native, Sarah Richardson, is a designer with a difference. She’s quickly become known for her creativity and well-honed design skills, always ready with endless ideas for transforming a home, cottage or office. With her trademark enthusiasm, Sarah describes how she was “always painting, drawing, sewing, rearranging and experimenting from an early age”. Now with four television shows (Sarah’s House, … <entire article…>