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Preserving Summer – You can have your herbs and eat them too

Fall gardens are often full of fresh herbs until the first frost. Suddenly we all have to revert to packaged dried herbs, or tracking down your favourites in the grocery store, which we know aren’t as fresh as our own. While you can dry your own herbs, the practice is tricky and doesn’t work for all herbs. An easier and … <entire article…>

Treat chronic inflammation with natural remedies before it takes control of you!

People live with inflammation every day and tend to treat the symptoms and not the cause. Inflammation is the body’s natural and healthy reaction to injury or infection. Tissues affected become swollen, red and painful. But many external and internal factors can trigger inflammation as well. The most common are: Drug/alcohol overuse Environmental toxins Free radical damage Stress Diet high … <entire article…>

Fall2013, Year of the Coat

One word for those who want to be fashionable this fall  – coat. No matter the style, the length, the shape or fit, ask yourself, which coats will you add to your closet?  Here are your choices! Trench style – The trench always has and always will be a classic. Colours include traditional khaki and beige as well as bright … <entire article…>

Cool Talk: what is your next thing to do on your fixer list for this winter?

Have you ever put off something that needed attention until disaster struck and you felt helpless? We all have a list of tasks we would like to tackle, complete and feel great checking them off. This is the time before winter comes to knock down one or two of the most potential “enemies” off your list and give yourself some … <entire article…>

Kids “most awesome” summer story! WINNER!

Thank you for your stories of what you did this past summer. It truly sounded like everyone had an awesome time. We have chosen this entry as our winner. Christian will receive a $25 gift card to Midoco Art and Office Supplies. We hope you enjoy his story as much as we did. My Summer! by Christian W.F. grade 6, … <entire article…>

SAMSARA – A journey around the world where there’s Beauty, Ugly & Everything in-between

Filmed over five years in 25 countries, SAMSARA is a new, non-verbal documentary from filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson (who first brought us BARAKA). Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means “the ever turning wheel of life”. The filmmakers use this theme as they search for what connects everything in our lives. What we see sometimes amuses, sometimes inspires, … <entire article…>

Chat Away – a new way to connect

A free app used by 300 million people can’t be wrong. Be the first one to know and tell your friends to WeChat! WeChat is a new and powerful mobile communication tool. You can send voice messages, video, photo and texts. You can also create different group chats and find new friends nearby to talk to. It works on iOS, … <entire article…>

Coming, going and on the move

Welcome new neighbours Bagels on Fire – 2248 Queen St. E. Brussels Bistro – 1975A Queen St. E. MJG Gallery – 1028 Queen St. E. Wineva Realty Brokerage – 2156 Queen St. E. On the move (new location) 4Cats – 2138A Queen St. E. L.E. Jewellers – 1015 Lake Shore Blvd. E. Norma’s Therapeutic Massage Clinic – 579 Kingston Rd. … <entire article…>