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Prepare Your Home Inside and Out for the Cold Weather

Autumn is now at its best, it is time to get your home and garden ready before the cold weather settles in. As you prepare to turn up the heat, it’s time to put your garden in bed, and prepare your home for a comfy, cozy and trouble-free winter. In the Garden Trade Bags for Bed – Falling leaves will … <entire article…>

What makes your mobile hAPPy?

There are now over 2 million apps available, and the number grows each day. Some, like Facebook and YouTube are used by almost everyone. Others, much less known, have a loyal following because they appeal to a specific need: an entertainment app like Candy Crush, the exercise goals of MyFitnessPal, or productivity from Trello. Many are free. Some have a … <entire article…>

Space Travel Movies

It’s been 50 years since Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek The Original Series landed. In the words of Captain Kirk, “. . . a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars.” To join in this celebration, Beaches|life Movie Pics look to the stars, or more accurately, travel to the stars. Who hasn’t thought about jumping into a rocket … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

I like to come to this park by the Boardwalk, at this time of year, to see the Monarchs. They like to fuel up on the flowers here before setting out on their long journey.  Fran B. Do you recognize it? Tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, and you could win pair of movie passes to the … <entire article…>

Reaping the Benefits of Your Business Harvest

Have you ever thought of your business in terms of four seasons? The business of farming follows the calendar with specific activities designated for winter, spring, summer and fall. But if you think about it, even businesses that aren’t related to agriculture can be thought of in terms of seasons. Fall Finally, you come to the harvest. This is when … <entire article…>

Swiss Chalet Owner, Golfer and Entrepreneur

Anisur Salim is the franchise owner of two Swiss Chalet Restaurants, one in the Beaches at Queen and Glen Manor and the other at Kingston and Lawrence. The Queen Street restaurant in the Beaches is a long-standing Swiss Chalet location in the city. When Anisur became franchise owner in 2009, it had been a mainstay in the community for over … <entire article…>

Coming, going & on the move…

Welcome new neighbours: Barrio Cerveceria – 884 Queen St. E. Cry If I Want To – 1175 Queen St. E. Hone Fitness – 181 Carlaw Ave. Leslieville Food & Variety – 1275 Queen St. E. The Remarkable Bean – 1103 Queen St. E. Thank you and best wishes: Grocery Corner Discount – 1148 Queen St. E. Joy Bistro – 884 … <entire article…>