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Renovations with Purpose

Scott McGillivray has the Midas touch for turning properties to gold! Most people know Scott as the host of HGTV’s hit television show, “Income Property”. In this unique show, Scott educates viewers how to turn their residences into income generating properties through renovating, renting and market appreciation. Scott recently finished taping season seven of the show with new episodes airing … <entire article…>

You ask… You answer.

Congratulations to John Bakerfield, the winner of our question from the August/September issue. Many streets that are named after trees are located in the east end of the Beaches, such as Pine, Beech, Balsam etc. There is no clear documentation that we know of to prove that the streets were named after trees found in that area, but we do … <entire article…>

Beach Home Wins Reality Show – Winner Tells Us What It’s Really Like!

If you have never been on a reality show, with its booming popularity in today’s entertainment, you must have watched one at some point. Ever wondered if  “what you see is what is real?” Beach home owner, Cynthia, recently triumphed over three other homeowners in HGTV’s new reality show, “Four Houses Canada”. In each episode, four strangers tour and score … <entire article…>

Scott’s Fall Home MaintenanceTips

Examine your roof and gutters for debris. Clear leaves, dirt, and pine needles from gutters and examine downspouts for damage or loose pieces. Change the furnace filters regularly. Also, try running the heat on your furnace now to ensure it’s working before a cold snap hits. This also gives you the opportunity to run the heat with the windows and … <entire article…>

A Purplicious Harvest

What are the colours of harvest? Red, gold, yellow, orange, russet. But what about purple? A regal colour for centuries, it’s amazing how many “purple” plants and flowers come into bloom during harvest time each year. Besides bringing us brilliant colour, the purple in many vegetables is actually very healthy. The colour in elderberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, purple beans, even … <entire article…>

Spread a Little “Awesome” in Your Life

Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally associa-ted with the harvest season. Today we surround ourselves with fine food, modern gadgets, a nicely decorated home, new car, and so on, but the one thing most important in everyone’s life is happiness. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, rich or poor, has peaks and valleys in their daily lives. No matter how your … <entire article…>

Music for a Scary Night

Want a little extra “scare” when those “trick or treaters” come to your door? Why not make your own Halloween music CD to play on October 31.  We’ve scoured all music styles to find some top favourites: The Monster Mash A 1962 novelty song by Boris Pickett – not that scary, but a perennial favourite with adults and kids. Night … <entire article…>

Autumn’s Burst of Colourful Energy

Autumn, surprising to some, is one of our longer seasons and is also the most enjoyable. Warm temperatures continue throughout October and often extend into November. Brilliant bursts of colours are everywhere – in trees, flowers, plants and even the sky is a deeper blue. During what season can you see deep crimson, rich purple, bright gold and firey orange … <entire article…>