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Over 60 Years of Serving Her Country and Community

As Remembrance Day approaches we honour those past, present and future who have dedicated themselves to serving the country. One of whom is June Smith who has spent a lifetime dedicated to service. When June was a teenager she and four of her friends decided to join the Canadian Navy Reserve in the 1950’s they did it to serve their … <entire article…>

Great Decades at the Movies

This edition of Beaches|life will be featuring some of the most critically acclaimed films of the 1980s.  Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope in St. John’s, NL (April 12, 1980) the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms came into effect (April 17, 1982) wheelchair athlete Rick Hansen left Vancouver on his around the world Man in Motion tour to … <entire article…>

Prepare Your Home for Winter

The temperatures are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. Whether you’re ready for it or not, autumn is officially here. If you haven’t already, the deadline to clear the flower pots and the vegetable gardens is fast approaching. You can replace the summer greens with hardy fall plants like mums instead. It’s also time to put away the … <entire article…>

Taking It All In – Our Beloved Autumn

All seasons have distinct characteristics that set them apart–autumn is no different. It is easy to understand why many people consider fall their favourite time of the year. Autumn has symbolic characteristics like the Fall Equinox, which represents the balance between the seasons and the balance between light and dark. Autumn is a symbol of change because, like spring, it … <entire article…>

Video Apps – Keeping Us Connected

When COVID-19 sent everyone into isolation, people scrambled to find the best way to keep in touch with work, friends and family while staying safe at home. Here are some of the more popular apps which also are free to use (with internet connection of course): Discord – originally designed for gamers (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux). video with … <entire article…>

Winter Prep for Spring Blooms

Summer has passed and the cool and colourful Fall season is here. Many gardeners use the change in season as a signal to put away the shovels, take off the gloves, and stop gardening for the rest of the year. However, some experienced gardeners know that this season can be crucial for your garden plans for next year. A little … <entire article…>

Staying Healthy and In Shape

There’s no question that our daily routines have changed in ways we never could’ve anticipated. The general consensus is to limit exposure to others and practice new social routines like self-isolation and social distancing. However, these habits, if not monitored with keen eyes, can be harmful to our health if we are not careful. This lifestyle shift can lead to … <entire article…>

It’s Squash Season!

Squash is a staple for autumn and the harvest season. These vine delicacies come in the most unique shapes and have a variety of warm colours that are a perfect reflection of the season. Squash and pumpkins are hardy, adaptable, and healthy food choices. You can use them in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert options. The possibilities are endless. … <entire article…>

It’s Sweater Season

There is a magical season that lies between the last sun-soaked day of the summer and the first chill of winter. The season, known as autumn, also goes by another colloquial name – sweater weather season. Forget pumpkins and spiced lattes, sweaters are the fashion symbol of the fall. This period is full of fresh, brisk air, and wonderful warm … <entire article…>