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What Story Will You Tell

Dear readers and neighbourhood friends: There is no doubt everyone has a story from these recent times, and it is easy to share with each other since everyone was in it. Likely, your story will be shared with future generations, but what story do you tell and how do you tell it?  To ensure you have a good story, one … <entire article…>

Grassroots Members Finding Harmony in the Pocket

As the locals call it, the Pocket, is also known to a homegrown choir, MAMALS. A group of neighbours who is living their music dreams in the comfort of their neighbourhood.  The group started with neighbours just getting together and jamming to their favourite tunes. Now they have 24 members, a self-titled EP and a music video for their new … <entire article…>

Spending Time with Family this Summer

Summer is the Perfect Time to be Intimate With Your Family For many of us summer brings a relaxed vibe. It is a time to drop the usual responsibilities and enjoy the sun. This summer is the perfect time to sit back and spend time at home with your family. You know, to become close and understand each other a … <entire article…>

Beat the Summer Heat

It might have taken its own sweet time, but summer is finally here. And living in Toronto, we know our summers can get  pretty hot. Temperatures in the city can climb to 36 degrees, and that is not including the humidity. But we won’t complain this year about it being so hot. Heat comes with  the season. Summer 2020 is going to … <entire article…>

Gardening: A Popular Summer Activity

Gardening has always been a popular summer activity. Whether you have a large garden, a backyard porch or a balcony, gardening is something everyone can do. There are nutritional benefits from growing flowers, herbs, vegetables or fruits. It can feel quite gratifying putting homegrown food on the table. There are also mental, spiritual and emotional benefits as well. An article … <entire article…>

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Every season has elements that make it unique. The fall brings us the beautiful colours when trees change their leaves. Winter brings ice skating and hot cocoa. While spring brings budding flowers and renewal. The hottest season of the year is unique too. Summer brings us flip flops, beach days and long walks in the park. But it also brings … <entire article…>

Let’s Get Physical

We hear it from health experts all the time. How physical activity provides long-term health benefits for children, youth and adults alike. Physical activity is a natural mood enhancer. Have you ever worked out and experienced that “feel good” sensation afterwards? Studies have shown that physical activity has emotional benefits like alleviating stress, anxiety depression, but health benefits like improving … <entire article…>

Summer Heats Up

The summer heat will soon be upon us and with it a feverish desire to loosen purse strings and put vacation days to good use. But, be weary of last-ditch efforts to travel that could potentially leave your budget in free fall. While cooler heads prevail, now is as good a time as ever to begin planning your next summer … <entire article…>

Time to Reset

Although recent events have changed everyone’s lives momentarily, there are opportunities for many of us to learn and grow. The pandemic has brought with it stress and uncertainty. While the future may seem unclear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This moment in time is an opening to focus back on what matters most like friends, … <entire article…>