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Spring Fashion Forward – Inspired by Celebrities

16348113_mlWith Hollywood award season starting in January, we are interested not only in who just won, but also what our favourite celebrities are wearing. The red carpet picks of the famous and glamorous may not be the “looks” for everyone, but watch for what is trending – you’ll soon see these styles, accessories and colours in your local stores!

Backless with Thigh High Slit: Sexy, glamorous and usually in a shimmery fabric or delicate lace, backless dresses are still a hot favourite.

Jumpsuits: A blast from the past, these one-piece comfy looking jumpsuits are back in style. Kate Hudson wore a stunning white version to the People’s Choice, first award-show of the New Year.

Navy is Back!  For the first time in many years, dark blue replaces black. This was apparent at the Golden Globes where several A-list stars wore navy, including Kate Winslet, Viola Davis and Julianne Moore!

rBVaGFWrtguAOaoyAAEqOuvn6So071Not Just Black (for Women): Colours abound this year, with gowns in pinks, greens, blues, purple, red as well as pure white. Men, not so much. Black and white, thin ties and classic, simple tuxes.

Lace: Lots of lace, in long dresses, short dresses, pants, even showing up in men’s shirts!
Bare Midriff and Cut-outs: There’s certainly no shortage of skin this year. If you’ve got celeb abs and beautiful smooth skin, go for the bare middle, or the more demure cut outs, showing bits of skin front, side, back and/or shoulders.

Mini Formals: Yes, formal dresses don’t have to be long! Many celebs are choosing short and very short (mini) formal dresses.

Leather and Suede: Men’s jackets, formal as well as motor cycle jacket styled, in both leather and suede. Jackets are often paired with skinny black pants and (surprise) sneakers.

Tone on Tone: Especially for men, look for shirts, jackets, even ties all the same colour: a grey shirt with a grey jacket, dark blue shirt with blue tie, or black shirt/black jacket/black tie.

Gunmetal, Shimmery Glitz: The metallic look is still hot, showing up in all styles. The winner so far this season is Claire Danes fabulous dress she wore to the People’s Choice. It had all the trends discussed above: backless, slits, cut-out, sparkly, and metallic.  Clean, simple hair and make up, shiny black pumps.

Shoes? Lots of Strappy Sandals for Women: Black wing-tips, tassels, suede as well as sneakers for men.