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Those Great C.N.E. Memories

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) or The Ex is still Canada’s largest annual community event. Founded in 1879, the Ex has changed over the years, but it continues to be one of Ontario’s great annual traditions, creating great memories every year for friends and families.
Did you know :

The EX attracts approximately 1.3 million people each year.
It is the seventh largest fair in North America.
The Princes’ Gates (not Princess Gates) were officially opened by Prince Edward and Prince George in 1927.
Beaches Living asked residents for their favourite “CNE” memory.  What’s yours?

One year I helped our local garden club design a window box for the CNE flower show. Everything bloomed the day of the competition and we won first prize!

The Ex showed me how different my parents were – with my mom we did a few rides, ate our home made lunch at the Band Shell and did the buildings. With my dad, we packed nothing, ate candy floss and hot dogs, rode all the rides and never went near the buildings.

My mother, born in 1929, grew up in the Toronto area. She used to talk fondly of how she looked forward to going to the CNE each and every summer. As a “country girl”, the big draw for her father was all the new agricultural innovations. No doubt, given my Mother’s “late-life romances”, she enjoyed checking out the boys from the big city.

Once I won a great big stuffed bear. Yes, I actually won!

I tossed a quarter into a dish and it actually stayed.

I loved driving the boats that actually sat in water. I really thought I was making them move.

I loved watching Tiny Tim donuts being made in the Food Pavilion. We’d buy some to take home but none of the donuts ever made it.

I have some horrifying memories of rides, such as a ride that turned me upside down and I lost all my change.

Seeing Supertramp – the big video screen and listening to the music and feeling great.

Absolutely LOVED the bumper cars, what a feeling of power as a young boy.
Probably the most lasting memory was when I went to the CNE and Bob Hope was entertaining at the Grandstand.

Losing my wallet without any ID and only $5 in it – when I went to the lost and found there it was – with the $5.

As a child, the annual five chocolate bar bag from the food building was my favourite memory for several years. Getting five at once was four more than I ever got at once during the rest of the year!

Going to the annual CNE Grandstand show to see The Monkeys. There were four of us girls and we screamed our heads off.

My favourite memory as a small boy was the fishpond – I always caught something!