September 22nd, 2018
Energy Saving Tips

What a difference you can make!

Did you know that you have been contributing to a healthier lifestyle and safer environment?

Check out the list below, be proud of yourself, and if you can do a little better... give it a try.

No guilt "green" choices.

You don't have to change your entire life!

Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit. Torontonians have proven terrific at separating their garbage and trying to reduce waste. Maybe you're trying to use more cloth grocery bags or struggle with the weeds in your garden. These may seem to be small gestures to "saving the planet" but don't be so hard on yourself! Saving the planet is a pretty tall order but each of us can take a few simple steps toward a safer environment and a healthier lifestyle.

Your routines at home, school or the office directly impact our earth. Without totally changing your lifestyle, you have a chance to make a difference. Even the activities we enjoy, like cross country skiing and walks in the park, demonstrate our appreciation of our green spaces. Remember, this isn't about feeling guilty. Just a few small changes in your choices and habits make an impact, especially when we all participate together.

Great GREEN Facts

Did you know...

...if every household in North America replaced just one roll of 180-sheet paper towels with 100-percent recycled paper towels we could save: 1.4 million trees, 3.7 million cubic feet of landfill space, 526 million gallons of water, and prevent 89,400 pounds of pollution?

...that North Americans could save up to two billion gallons of fuel a year if car owners just properly inflated their tires?

...more than 350 million rechargeable batteries are purchased annually in North America? When these batteries (from laptop computers, cell phones, PDAs, cordless power tools, camcorders and remote control toys) are thrown away, they can cause serious harm to human health and the environment.

...every year North Americans throw away enough office and writing paper to build a wall 12 feet high, stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean?

...that you can save $200 a year by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposables in one CD player used two hours a day?

...that a family of four can save $3,000 a year simply by buying products in the largest size they can use and by buying long lasting, reusable items?

Facts courtesy of

How is your energy knowledge?

  1. Rising CO2 levels are the main cause of global warming and climate change. What is the single, greatest source of CO2 emissions?
    1. Thermal power plants
    2. Cars
    3. Airplanes
    4. Our homes
  2. How much electricity is saved by switching from incandescent to compact florescent lights?
    1. 10%
    2. 25%
    3. 35%
    4. 75%
  3. When did Toronto's new Pesticide Bylaw take effect and what is it about?
    1. January 2007, only professional gardeners are affected.
    2. September 2007, everyone is affected in the City of Toronto.
    3. It doesn't take effect until next year.
  4. Turning off your computer and monitor when it is not in use:
    1. Saves electricity
    2. Causes wear and tear on the computer
    3. Saves electricity and causes no harm to the computer or monitor
  5. Which is the largest user of electrical power in your home?
    1. Air Conditioner
    2. Electric water heater
    3. Stove
    4. Clothes dryer
  6. The dishwasher in your home:
    1. Consumes more energy than hand washing
    2. Save more than hand washing your dishes several times a day
    3. Should be run at full load
    4. Answers B and C
  7. An aerator attached to your faucet saves you:
    1. A gallon of water a minute
    2. A litre of water a minute
    3. A cup of water a minute and makes your water bubbly

Protecting the environment together

Tell us how you've made a difference today by sending us an email at We will publish some of your stories on our website.


  1. D Yes, it is true! Our homes are the single, greatest source of CO2 emissions.
  2. D 75%
  3. B September 1, 2007 and it affects everyone in the City (see the website for details)
  4. C It is a myth that computers need to be left on.
  5. A Electric water heaters, followed closely by AC, then dryers, then stoves.
  6. D Proper dishwasher use saves energy!
  7. A At least a gallon a minute!

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