May 18th, 2022
Adventure for daytrippers

Q6. Where can you tour through an energy efficient cottage powered entirely by wind and solar energy? (P49)

The winter season has its special appeal. Many of us like to get out on the hills and trails, skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tobogganing - or taking a brisk hike.

Less adventurous pursuits include checking out the stores to see what's new and who has the most creative decorations; trying different restaurants; gallery hopping; taking in some theatre; touring historic buildings and learning how they celebrated the festive season in years gone by; admiring the coloured lights at night; pampering yourself at a spa. We can do nearly all these things in the Beaches, but sometimes it's just nice to get away for a day or two. There are so many interesting things to explore within a few hours drive of the city. Here are some of our suggestions. For more information about getaways, and directions, please check community and ministry of tourism websites.



Barrie is the ultimate winter destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Skiers head for the hills at Horseshoe, Mount St. Louis, Mansfield, Moonstone and Snow Valley for great alpine skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, Horseshoe and Hardwood Hills provide hundreds of kilometers of trails for hiking and outdoor fun. Downtown Barrie has historic walking tours including the recently opened Robert Simpson Brewing Company. Enjoy a fresh ale brewed - just as it was served according to the Beer Purity Laws of 1516.
(1 hr 21 mins, 115km)

Seneca College King City

The former home of Lady Eaton, the beautiful College Campus near King City is also a Nordic Ski Centre with 14 kilometres of intimate ski trails that wind their way through 700 acres of mixed forests and open fields.

When you need a break, come to the log cabin for a cup of hot chocolate and some conversations with other skiers. The centre provides basic amenities, such as indoor washrooms and a heated space inside the log cabin to rest your weary legs. Please note that there is no rental program or access to a cafeteria.

Call the ski line to confirm hours of operation: 905.833.3333 ext. 5024 or 416.491.5050 ext. 5024.
(45 mins, 55km)


Oshawa Parkwood Estate

Oshawa Parkwood Estate is a must-see. Once the home of R. Samuel McLaughlin, founder of General Motors of Canada, this magnificent 55-room mansion features architectural, landscape and interior designs of the 1920s and 30s. Oshawa has a surprising number of museums, including the Canadian Automotive Museum, Military & Industrial Museum, and the Robert Stuart Aeronautical Collection. Scenic Lakeview Park is the setting for three restored 19th-century homes.
(49 mins, 49 km)


Oakville - Craft Brewers Trail

Explore Ontario's craft breweries. These three, Trafalgar, Black Oak and Cameron's Breweries, are within a 5 minute drive of each other. Why not take a day and see us all while you are here? Compare, contrast and quiz the local brew master. Then stop for lunch at the Tied House, located here in the Trafalgar Brewery. It features delicious beer-based cuisine and is open all year.
(34 mins, 44km)


Black Creek Pioneer Village

Journey back in time and discover life in Ontario during the 1800's. Here you can taste it, smell it, touch it, hear it and walk through it. Explore 40 carefully restored heritage homes and shops and see history comes alive when interpreters and artisans in period dress help you discover how settlers lived, worked and played.

Winter events include Christmas Remembered, November 24 and Christmas by Lamplight, December 8, 15, 22.
(36 mins, 46 km)

Kortright Centre

Discover Kortright's beautiful trails all season long by hiking and cross-country skiing. This breathtaking piece of property is conveniently located just north of Toronto in the City of Woodbridge. Expand your "energy education" and participate in one of the Kortright Centre's energy workshops to learn how to conserve energy and save money!

Special events include the annual Maple Sugar Festival, first week in March.
(43 mins, 54 km)

Power Trip Trail

This 1.6-kilometre trail features one of Canada's largest educational demonstrations of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. Attractions along the trail include Canada' first roof-mounted grid-connect photovoltaic system, first solar shingle roof system and an energy efficient cottage powered entirely by wind and solar energy. Kids love this tour!
(43 mins, 54 km)

Hills of the Headwaters

This is a favourite destination for hikers on foot, skills, snowshoes or mountain bikes, criss-crossed with trails for the outdoor adventurer. It derives its name from being situated at the headwaters of four major river systems - the Credit, Nottawasaga, Humber, and the Grand. A drive through the rolling countryside will take you to a number of picturesque towns and villages, all which support an amazing number of artists and artisans.
(1hr 12 mins, 88km)

The Dufferin County Museum

See what Samuel de Champlain witnessed when he arrived on the shores of the St. Lawrence in the early 17th century. Built in the style of an Ontario bank barn, the museum's striking architecture reflects the agricultural heritage of this central Ontario region. Current exhibition celebrates 125 years of community life.

(1 hr 16 mins, 105 km)



Uxbridge was settled in 1805 by Quakers (Society of Friends) who came from Pennsylvania. Learn more by visiting the Uxbridge-Scott Museum and the Friends' Meeting House on Quaker Hill, built in 1820. Also of interest is the Thomas Foster Memorial, a building inspired by the Taj Majal in India.
(59 mins, 75km)


Capture the exhilarating experience of whisking through snowy wilderness via dog sled. A number of local businesses offer expeditions lasting an hour, a day, or a weekend. Experience the fun for yourself or simply come out and cheer on the mushers at the Bancroft Sled Dog Races, held each year on the third Saturday of February.

Bancroft also is home of the Mineral Capital Luge Club, complete with an 800 metre track just east of the Town. Luge events are held each winter during February and March. The club provides rentals and lessons for those wishing to experience this Olympic sport.
(3hr 13 mins, 232 km)

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