May 18th, 2022
Adventures for Daytrippers

Q6. Where can you stargaze every Thursday night this summer?

Adventures for Daytrippers


Visit Mars and Never Leave Ontario

Up Hwy. 10 toward Caledon in a place called Claude, there's a wonderful geological wonder called the Badlands. Turn left onto Old Baseline Rd, and within a few minutes you'll find your way to a Mars-esque landscape of climbable red undulating hills and furrows carved out by mountain rivers of prehistory.

The Badlands, near the villages of Inglewood and Cheltenham Ontario, are an Earth Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest managed by the Bruce Trail Conservancy. In order to protect the sensitive environment of this site, visitors are requested to respect the following: no sliding, no digging, stay on the flat area in the vicinity of the interpretative sign, stay off during wet conditions, no motorized vehicles, no bicycles, and please do not litter.

Contact the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club at

Harry Potter at the Toronto Science Centre

This spring, Harry Potter fans across Canada can step inside the famous wizard's magical world when Harry Potter: The Exhibition opens at the Ontario Science Centre this spring. Visitors will experience dramatic environments inspired by the Harry Potter film sets and see the craftsmanship behind more than 200 authentic costumes and film props from the Great Hall, Hagrid's hut, the Gryffindorâ„¢ common room, and more. The exhibition also include costumes and props from the upcoming installments of the Harry Potter film series.

Opens Friday, April 9, 2010, and will run through Sunday, August 22, 2010. Tickets at or visit the box office.

Paddle the Toronto Harbourfront

Go for a paddle through the thirteen islands in a huge Voyageur canoe along Toronto's shoreline. No previous paddling skills are required! This unique one-day experience is for those looking to paddle the beautiful Toronto harbourfront. The day is spent paddling, with a one hour visit to Centre Island, then through the passageways within the islands for some beach time. The excursion includes a great picnic spot where there's time to unwind before a delicious lunch then paddle your way back for end of day.

Go-Kart Fun!

Race one of the 30 single or double seater Honda-powered karts at the one kilometre long outdoor track on Hwy.11 just north of Barrie. The course provides lots of winding twists and turns. Test your racing skills along our track today. Race against your friends and family to see who is the ultimate racer.

Kids aged 3 - 8 years old ride free with an adult (18 years or older).

Family Fun in Stouffville

Nestled just 30 minutes north-east of downtown Toronto, Timber Creek Golf is more than just golf. The Timber Creek facility includes 37 holes of Adventure Miniature Golf, extensive Driving Range & Chipping Green, Batting Cages, Gemstone Mining Area, Jumping Castle & Slide, Games Room and air-conditioned Club House.

See rushing water falls, churning sawmills, picturesque pond and beautifully landscaped grounds at this family owned and operated site. Open 7 days a week (weather permitting)

Brantford-Paris-Brantford Bicycle and Raft Ride

Join a group of fellow adventurers for a unique journey by bicycle and raft! Discover the cycling trails with your guide from Brantford to Paris, where your raft awaits. Participants float gently down the Grand River to Brantford, taking in the view from the water and getting a truly different perspective of this historic waterway! Watch Osprey dive for fish, see Great Blue Heron wading along shore or catch a snapping turtle enjoying a nap in the sunshine. Bring your lunch because the group stops for an island picnic.

Astronomy Nights

Thursday nights in July and August are Astronomy Nights at Gordon's Park. The 2-hour program includes an orientation into astronomy, detailed preview of astrophotography pictures, review of posters on planets, Northern Lights and solar systems, as well as instructions on the use of a planisphere to find objects in the night sky. Participants will learn how to star hop, view with the naked eye and have the opportunity to try Bausch & Lomb wide-angle binoculars and observe through the Park's 8 inch Dobsonian Telescope.

Gordon's Park is located at 18777 Hwy 6, 15 minutes from the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry Terminal.

Wildflower Farm, Orillia

Wildflower Farm is a pick your own flower farm. Along with the gardens there is a retail store and nursery sales area. The Wildflower Farm Natural Garden Centre provides gardeners the opportunity to select plants and seeds from a large variety of hardy, perennial native wildflowers and grasses. In 2005, 8 acres of wildflowers were planted in rows providing an on-site source for the growing market for quality, nursery grown wildflower seeds.

The "Lungs" of Mississauga

Located in a 150-acre park right in the midst of the bustling city of Mississauga, Riverwood Park is a site full of oldgrowth forest, and has been referred to as the "lungs" of Mississauga . The park itself is a mix of Carolinian forest, Oak Savannah, deciduous, and coniferous forest. It's home to over 475 species of plants and animals, including 5 species of salmon that run through Credit River twice a year. The forest consists of 250 to 350 year old trees, and many rare and important wildflowers.

The Culham Trail leads down to a ravine that is traversed by riparian forest that is very reminiscent of the Hassayampa River Preserve in Arizona. Part of this trail follows an old pioneer path, and the new path has been adorned with many benches, old wagons, and threshing equipment.

Chappell House and Gardens

The Riverwood Conservancy has its offices in the original Chappell House built in 1919, in the Arts and Crafts style. The Chappell House Gardens consist of the garden in the conservatory, and six other gardens: Somers Memorial Rose Garden; Sundial Garden; Courtyard Garden; Terrace Garden; Pond Garden; Welcome Garden.

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