October 16th, 2018
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Q7. What winter activity uses every major muscle group and burns calories at a fast rate? (P44)

Adventures for Daytrippers

Adventures for Daytrippers

On a crisp, sunny winter day, why not try snowshoeing? This safe, low impact sport is perfect for outdoor fun and physical activity. Snowshoeing uses every major muscle group and burns calories at a fast rate. It will improve your strength, build your leg muscles and increase endurance. If you add poles while you snowshoe, you'll also condition your arms, shoulders and back. For those who jog, snowshoeing is a great replacement. You can snowshoe on trails, in open fields, and in the woods. Here are some places to snowshoe in Ontario:

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland

Designated snowshoe trail and rentals. The trail makes its way through hardwood forests and rolling hills overlooking the famous wetland.

Murphys Point, Perth

Cross country ski trails only, but you can break your own trail almost anywhere in the park.

Killarney Provincial Park

One of Ontario's most spectacular parks, it is open for cross country skiing in the winter and you can snowshoe just about anywhere although there are no designated trails.

Hardwood Hills, Barrie

Two dedicated snowshoe trails, the Wi lderness Trai l (6km) and the Meadowlands Trail (7.5) both wander through a nicely forested area.

Blue Mountain, Collingwood

Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are available at the nearby Scenic Caves. The snowshoeing trails include a crossing of the parks suspension bridge, the longest one in Ontario.

Algonquin Park

Dedicated snow shoeing trail just off of the Minnising Trail. All the trails except the ski trails can be used for snowshoeing.

Arrowhead Provincial Park,north of Huntsville

Designated snowshoe trail in the form of the Stubb's Falls Trail which starts at Arrowhead Lake.


Tobogganing down a hill with the snow flying out around you is exhilarating. It's also an enjoyable way for people of all ages to stay active during the long Canadian winters.

Remember to be careful and exercise common sense to keep you and your family safe.

Tobogganing Hills in Toronto:

Christie Pits and Bickford Park, High Park, Withrow Park, Riverdale Park, Crestview Park, Lithuania Park, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Centennial Park.

  • Check the weather and conditions of the hill to ensure it is safe.
  • Avoid loose clothing such as scarves.
  • Choose a hill with a gentle slope, free of rocks and trees.
  • Make sure there is plenty of room to stop at the bottom and no roadway.
  • Toboggan in daylight or on a hill that is well-lit at night.
  • Choose a toboggan that is easy to control.
  • Check to make sure the path is clear before starting down the hill and get out of the way quickly when you get to the bottom.
  • Roll to the side if you need to get off your sled quickly while sliding, and
  • Don't use your hands or feet to stop yourself.

Fabulous Winter Daytrips

Scenic Caves Nordic Adventures Niagara Escarpment

Cross country ski and snowshoe trails through a quiet forest of sugar maples, beech trees and oaks at the top of the escarpment. Scenic Caves Nordic Centre gives a whole new meaning to winter nature adventures. or call 705-446-0256.

Blue Mountain Activity Central

Blue Mountain Activity Central is your one-stop action shop featuring the region's best year round activities: snowmobiling, snowshoeing, back country caving, cross country skiing, toboggan tours, ice fishing, moon lit snow treks, horseback riding and more! Located in the Village near Starbucks.

The Georgian Trail, Collingwood

Founded in 1989, the Georgian Trail travels from the Town of Collingwood, through the Village of Thornbury to the Town of Meaford. It is the perfect place for an uncomplicated cross-country ski or snowshoe, following the route of the original Northern Railway. Each kilometre throughout the trail is signed and maps are located at major access points. Visit Activity Central, or the Information Centre in Collingwood.

First Light. Midland November 25-27

"First Light" event will experience Midland's famous heritage site amidst the magical glow of over 2,000 candles, enjoying an enchanting community evening in the Christmas spirit. Event preparat ion begins weeks ahead as Sainte-Mar ie's staf f decorates the historic buildings and grounds, prepares craft materials, and organizes the spectacular candle display that has come to symbolize this unique event.

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