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Small biz Unique Advantages

Ecommerce has transformed the way we buy and sell. However, small businesses have unique advantages over ecommerce giants like Amazon. Below are ways in which small businesses can flourish in a growing market.

Customer Service

Consumers want to feel like their voices are being heard. People are tired of the feedback surveys and online chats with robots. Small businesses can build relationships with customers. There is nothing like putting a face to a business. It makes the business feel warm, full of character and, most importantly, human. 

Direct one-on-one communication is a critical part of making sales. It is also instrumental in bringing customers back. If consumers feel they can trust a company, they will continue to be customers for years to come. By listening to the customer’s needs, a small business can build customer loyalty.


Small businesses can build a unique brand that speaks to its character. Building a brand is important, especially for small businesses that sell a unique product or provide a special service. Websites, logos, social media are all part of creating brand awareness. A website that has character will shape how consumers perceive the business and inform potential clients of the services provided. 

Let’s face it, in a growing age of technology websites are the first landing place for new audiences to learn about your business. Social Media is another way small businesses can showcase their character. Posting images of employees, customers, and providing behind-the-scenes tidbits are ways small businesses can show character and separate themselves from giants like Wal-Mart or Amazon.

Local Customers

There is no doubt that online markets will expand the reach of any business. However, there are key advantages for small businesses that are part of the neighbourhood. Consumers trust and support the businesses in their community. 

Being a small business has the advantage of learning from their customers directly and making the necessary changes to meet customers’ needs. 

Niche Markets

Specialization is key. Small businesses have the advantage of being the experts in whatever it is they are selling. Large companies have their hands in everything, but are not necessary strong at anything. Small businesses are strong because they focus on what they do best. Consumers want to know they are getting the highest quality product or the best service that will meet their needs, which is why they turn to small businesses.