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Summer: Time to go where your customers hang out!

Summer can be slow for many businesses, especially if you depend on customers to come inside when the sun is shining. Most would rather be at the beach! Summer also can be a challenge to sell products or services that no one thinks they need when the weather is warm or when they are thinking about vacations. 

Don’t let summer slow you down. Summer is the perfect time of year to take advantage of the various “outdoor” or summer events that offer a chance to set up where your customers are more likely to be hanging out! Think outside your walls to events such as:

  • outdoor markets
  • sidewalk sales
  • vendor opportunities at community music, art, and sporting events
  • an outdoor table outside your office or store

“That’s not going to work for us,” you might say. “After all, we sell a service that you can’t display on a table in an outdoor market!” But this doesn’t have to be the case. Look at these ideas!

  • Spa Services: Provide hand massages, 5-minute manicures or nail “touch-ups”.
  • Wellness: Mini massages, few drops of peppermint essential oil for cooling, water.
  • Dental: something fun like kids face painting.
  • Professional Services: An “art table” for children to stop and do an activity while you talk with their parents.
  • Construction, Reno, Home & Garden: Small plants or seeds to put in the garden. Tips for painting a house with paint samples.
  • Real Estate: Tip sheets for home care while on vacation or a checklist for preparing your home to sell, a “dollhouse” for children.
  • Food: Any kind of sample, just make sure it stays fresh in hot weather, summer recipes and BBQ ideas.
  • Sporting Goods: A cool new item that people can test, a scale, some kind of easy fitness challenge (can you lift these weights 5 times?) with a prize.
  • Clothing: Pick 1-2 items perfect for the weather that day, i.e. sun hats or umbrellas.
  • Hair Salons: Samples of products, a box of hats and boas so visitors can “dress up” and take selfies!

Most events charge a flat fee for a table, and you provide the rest. Make sure you have a big sign or banner so your brand can be clearly identified. Practice setting up your table ahead of time to refine the look and feel of your displays. Ask your employees or acquaintances to evaluate how inviting your table looks to prospective buyers. 

Other Tips for the Day:

Create a special promotional flyer good for attendees, allowing them to order services or products with a discount good for two weeks after the event.

  • An extra chair in case someone needs to sit down.
  • A bowl of water for pets.
  • A dish for collecting business cards so you can contact people after the event (and provide a prize with a business card draw).
  • Coordinate your look, perhaps everyone wears the same colour t-shirt or hat.
  • A trash can available to prevent littering.