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Gut Health Thrives at Vitalife

Beaches resident and business owner, Jody Movat, describes the last seven months as “quite the ride”. Earlier in the year she took over the Vitalife Clinic. The clinic, which has operated in the Beaches for the past 11 years, specializes in “gut health”, and she’s thrilled with the response she’s been getting.

Jody was actually a patient at Vitalife long before she bought the business. It’s probably the best endorsement anyone could have! Since she was 19, Jody has suffered from health issues related to her small intestine. It was only until she discovered colon hydrotherapy at Vitalife that her health—and her life —changed for the better. 

Jody describes her situation as similar to many of the clients she now sees at the clinic. 

“So many people who come to us are at the “desperate stage”, she says, “because they have tried everything, and are at their wits’ end. Others are just curious in learning about health alternatives. Younger people, in general, are interested in the preventative medicine aspect of what we offer here.” 

Colon hydrotherapy is a gental treatment. There is no uncomfortable preparation required the day ahead, and the treatment, which is done in a spa-like atmosphere “The best part”, Jody says, “is everyone feels great afterwards.”

The clinic helps anyone who suffers from various “gut” issues: indigestion/acid reflux, bloating, gas, constipation, loose, or other difficult, bowel movements, IBS, chronic headaches, asthma, sluggishness, irritability, skin irritation, rashes, eczema/psoriasis, or other auto-immune disorders. Clients range in age from young teens to those in their eighties.

Hydrotherapy has become more common these days because of increasing awareness of the importance of gut health and the threat of toxins to our bodies. Sadly, our bodies are designed with a digestive system that should be able to handle whatever we eat, drink or breathe. But even with our sophisticated system for separating out nutrients and disposing toxins and waste, it’s very difficult in today’s environment to expect the body to handle it all.

As for Jody’s advice? Eat and live as “clean” as you can, eating a rainbow of colours (in vegetables and fruits), avoid processed foods, and using moderation as your guide. Her only real “don’t” is about sugar. “Sugar is the enemy,” she says, “it keeps the body in an acidic state—the opposite of what is ideal for good gut health.” There are two holistic nutritionists on staff at Vitalife to advise clients on their diet, recommend changes and alternatives. 

Since taking over the business, Jody has now started to get referrals from medical professionals, mostly with some kind of background in holistic medicine. “We’re not a walk in clinic,” she says. “Typically, you make an appointment. But you are always welcome to walk in and talk with us—and many do!”

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