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Customers love a celebration & they will celebrate along with you!

When is the last time you celebrated a milestone? Most businesses celebrate opening day or a special milestone. But why not add a few more celebrations to the list? You’ve got lots to celebrate – length of years, new products and services, achieving awards, etc. The positive attitude you build with celebrations helps build trust with customers and gives you … <entire article…>

Clear Communications is Vital

Clear communication applies to each and every one of us, everywhere, anytime and every day. It doesn’t matter if we are shopping, hanging out with friends, at work or simply spending time at home with family – clear communication is key. And it is crucial towards the success of your business, buying or selling, in-person and online. Here are some … <entire article…>

When Customers are Top of Your Mind, You Become Top in Their Minds

Keeping in touch with your customers is key to building trust and loyalty – and a loyal customer is the most valuable asset to your business. There is no better time than this holiday season, to let your customers know that they are on top of your mind. “Top of mind” goes both ways between you and your customers. We … <entire article…>

Protect your customer data and your personal data

If you have a business, you have stored your customer information somewhere: name, address, email, phone number, orders and even credit card. Securing and protecting your customer data has become even more important to the success of your business. Memory sticks are tiny while the capacity is huge; the smartphone is getting smarter and online storage is easy and convenient. … <entire article…>

Workplace Renovations

The average adult spends roughly 30% of their life working, preparing for work or thinking about work. During the summertime, why not make  the experience a bit more pleasant for you and your employees? Studies show that a tidy, attractive workplace is more productive. Clutter can seriously interfere with getting things done, and poor lighting reduces the speed at which … <entire article…>

Listening to your Customers through Surveys

Doing an Online Survey has never been easier. Find out what’s really on your customers’ minds. People tend to be polite and prefer not say things negative in front of you unless there’s a very big problem. But in an anonymous survey, they’re more likely to tell you want they think. For the same reason, most will give you a … <entire article…>

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Are you ready be Paperless?

Likely, everyone has been asked to go paperless for their bills, receipts and bank statements. Number one reason, it save trees. Like everything, there are pros and cons, and it takes some time for us to adopt a new system. Is going paperless always the best choice for you? Things to watch out for when going paperless: If you decide to go paperless, make sure … <entire article…>


Biz talk – A Personal “Thank You” Goes a Long Way!

Looking for ways to thank your staff or your customers this holiday season? Try and think of a way that thanks them that represents who you are: Homemade baked cookies or chocolates packed in a tin box says that you really spent a bit of time doing something nice for them. Gift certificates can seem a bit too easy, but … <entire article…>

QR Codes

Print & online marketing working together QR (Quick Response) codes are showing up on print materials from business cards and name tags to magazine ads and outdoor signs. QR codes connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content. When your customers scan a QR code with their smartphone, they can immediately reach your website or activate phone functions … <entire article…>