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From Corporate Life to Family Business

After 25 years as a successful marketing executive for large, big brand accounts, Carolyn Scharf made a very gutsy move—the single mom left the security of her job and set up her own business. “I just couldn’t get excited about the work anymore,” she says, “I had to try something different.” Carolyn chose the spa industry because of the growing … <entire article…>

Inspired by The Beatles haircuts: The Fiorio Success Story

Maurice Fiorio loved The Beatles when he was a young boy living in France in the 1960s. In fact, he and his friends desperately wanted to look like the hottest new music group, with haircuts like John, Paul, Ringo and George. “Our local barbers only knew how to give us crew cuts,” Maurice recalls, “But we wanted to look cool, … <entire article…>

Building a Dream Medical Grade Skin Care – a Boutique Success Story

While studying for her nursing degree at Ryerson University, Christina Mitanidis worked at a well-known Toronto skin care spa. It was then that she began to learn about the skin care industry. She discovered that she want to provide the services that is not just about selling products but serving clients by providing professional skin care treatment. So, she had … <entire article…>

New Hope for Kids Struggling in School – Addressing Dyslexia

Monica Hough faced an unexpected challenge when she and her mother began to notice that her young daughter was struggling with letter recognition and reading. She had to wait 3 years to have her daughter tested and was formally diagnosed Dyslexia (difficulty with reading), Dysgraphia (difficulty in hand writing) and Dyscalculia (difficulty with calculations). After researching and learning more about … <entire article…>

Pure + Simple The Beach – A Perfect Fit All Round

When Carmen Doyle set out to run her own business, she had to think first of what she might enjoy doing. A CA by training, Carmen was no stranger to the ins and outs of running a company. She also is a part-time CFO of a software company so she knew what its like to be a small business owner. … <entire article…>

Tony Colonna, Truly McHappy in his Life Journey

“I have ketchup in my veins,” Tony Colonna, franchise owner and operator at the local McDonald’s on Eastern and Woodward Avenues, tells us. “That’s what other long-time employees say. I love what I do. Every day is a new day, with great people and a positive outcome.” Tony’s career started when he was fifteen at one of the world’s largest … <entire article…>

Childhood Sweethearts and Business Partners at Salon G

Working as an electrician, one day Joe Rizza got tired of “just talking to wires” so he announced to his wife Carm, “I’ve always wanted to be a hairdresser.” That was 20 years ago, and as Joe tells the story, while he was telling Carm the news, he picked up her curling iron at the wrong end and burned himself! … <entire article…>

Making the Local Bank a Friendly Place

Many may remember the movie Mary Poppins when the children, Jane and Michael Banks, visit a bank with Mary Poppins and their father in downtown London, England in order to see where their father works. With its tall columns, cold stone architecture, and the collection of older gentlemen inside, the bank was a very scary place for them! These days, … <entire article…>

From Tires to Pianos: Getting Real About Storage

A month before Real Storage had opened the door for the first day of business, the facility manager knew the business would be a big success. “I was literally wearing a hard hat, steel toed boots and a safety vest, walking around the construction site,” recalls Ferris Mohammed, “and people walking by the street kept asking if they could rent … <entire article…>