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Jimmy Canning, Canadian Veteran, Local Hero

A special feature honouring Remembrance Day with a story from a local World War II Veteran. At 89, Jimmy’s eyes sparkle when he talks. The Canadian veteran remembers every date and detail, like the day he signed up the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps when he was just 20, his trip overseas in 1942 with military service personnel on the … <entire article…>

Cynthia Mulligan, Front Seat to the World

Cynthia Mulligan, Reporter, CityNews, has been part of the Citytv news team for over 20 years. Her success and zest for life, in spite of hurdles put in front of her, are an inspiration to us all. Just ask her about her job and her life as a reporter, and her eyes light up with excitement and enthusiasm. “I love … <entire article…>

Man’s Other Best Friend

“BBQ is my life,” says Ted, whose home office is his actual backyard. He describes it as “Casa BBQ”, and it’s outfitted with no less than 65 grills and smokers.  Last year the count was closer to 100 but Ted generously donated 25 to the 2010 Beaches Yard Sale for the Cure. Ted believes that cooking outdoors has a special appeal, particularly to men (often … <entire article…>

The BBQ GUY - Ted Reader

Spring Showers Bring Frankie Flowers

For many of you Frank Ferragine is a familiar face, even if his name is not. You may know him better as Frankie Flowers, the zany gardening guru/weather guy who has been sharing his expert gardening tips with viewers on Citytv’s Breakfast Television for the past seven years. Frankie’s passion for plants has its roots in his childhood, as does … <entire article…>

A Man Made Winter Jewel at Glen Stewart Ravine

Winter in the Beaches – there’s nothing like it. If you choose to embrace the weather instead of hibernating, the season can be a wonderful chance to get active and make the most of what our community has to offer. The fact that we can enjoy a natural skating rink such as the one in the Glen Stewart ravine is … <entire article…>

Bruce Turner – A Local Boy Who Is More Than Skin Deep

One could easily dismiss Bruce Turner as just another pretty face. True, the host of television shows such as Much on Demand and Style By Jury is good looking, but there is so much more to this affable, energetic Beaches local. While his career path has taken several unexpected twists and turns, Bruce has always based himself in the Beaches, … <entire article…>

Fall in Love with Sarah Richardson – Designer with a Difference

Toronto native, Sarah Richardson, is a designer with a difference. She’s quickly become known for her creativity and well-honed design skills, always ready with endless ideas for transforming a home, cottage or office. With her trademark enthusiasm, Sarah describes how she was “always painting, drawing, sewing, rearranging and experimenting from an early age”. Now with four television shows (Sarah’s House, … <entire article…>

Dan Hill – Dynamic Storyteller

It is not by chance that Grammy and Juno Award-winning Dan Hill is one of the most sought-after and admired singer/songwriter/producer in the world. His athletic drive mirrors his dedication to artistic expression. At age 56, Dan has contributed to Canada’s indelible stamp on pop culture. Songs from his early career like “Sometimes When We Touch” and “Can’t We Try” … <entire article…>

What may feel like a NO, is a big YES!

What do you get when you combine an actress and a rabbi? The answer is Tracey Erin Smith. Critics have described Tracey’s one-woman show The Burning Bush as “brilliantly funny,” “provocative and hilarious.” She has taken this award-winning comedy across Canada and to off-off Broadway. From a very young age Tracey wanted to become a rabbi. The choice made sense … <entire article…>