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Apples, Autumn’s Perfect Fruit

During the fall there’s nothing quite like biting into a fresh, crisp Ontario apple! You can even visit an orchard and pick your own. (see our feature on Pumpkin Picking!) Apple trees produce thousands of varieties of apples and grow in almost every corner of the globe from Japan to Madagascar to South Africa, New Zealand, Russia, China, England, France … <entire article…>

Getting Yourself into a Jam

When you taste those wonderful fresh, flavourful fruits in the summer, many of us ask, “How can I have this all year round?” This is the reason why jam making has become so popular once again. At one time, it was how pioneers in this country preserved some of summer’s bounty, knowing they couldn’t just go to the grocery store … <entire article…>

The Ultimate Canadian Treat – Butter tarts!

The buttertart is quintessentially Canadian. For well over a hundred years, it has been associated with Canadian cooks. The earliest printed recipes go back to the 1900s, but we know that this traditional dessert was made much earlier by settlers, both English and French (in French it is known as tarte au sucre or treacle tart). Most food historians figure … <entire article…>

Marvellous, Nutritious, Enjoyable Eggs

The simple, inexpensive, unassuming egg is a powerhouse of nutrition, and possibly, one of the easiest foods to prepare. Even those who don’t cook can master the fried egg, and when you need the ultimate comfort food, a boiled egg with toast is just about perfect. Eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious foods. They are an excellent source of … <entire article…>

Make Your Leftovers Delicious Again

Leftover ends from that head of broccoli? Stale bread that no one wants for a sandwich? A bit of rice here, some soggy carrots there. What do you do with these bits and pieces of food? It is too easy just to throw it out, or put it in the green bin. Much of the food we throw away each … <entire article…>

Holiday Punch

If you’re looking for an easy beverage that provides guests a refreshing treat plus adds to your holiday décor, consider a large bowl of festive holiday punch. Punch also offers a great non-alcoholic choice (with vodka or gin as an option to add into individual servings). From simple to fancy, here are 4 recipes. Remember to keep ingredients cold, and instead … <entire article…>

Gathering in the Season’s Bounty

Harvest has traditionally always been a time where we gather in what has grown over the season, and in many instances, preserve it for the months ahead. Although these days we can buy vegetables and fruits 12 months of a year, there’s nothing better than produce fresh and in season. Canning and preserving is an important part of preserving the … <entire article…>

Corn on the Cob – Nature’s Candy

In Ontario, nothing says summer like corn on the cob. Many of us have even watched it grow throughout the season, first the bright green fields in spring, then the first leaves, and finally, tall waving stalks of corn! Originally, only grown as grain or used for cattle feed, over a hundred years ago, a variety of sweet corn became  … <entire article…>

“Put a Peach on the Barbie” – Grilling Fruit

While most of us associate the grill with meat, fish and veggies, grilling fruit has been very popular in the Caribbean and Central and South American countries. But the heat of the grill caramelizes the sugars in fruit, making it especially tasty. Have the base of the sundae and the toppings ready – there’s nothing better than hot grilled fruit … <entire article…>