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Movies That Go Bump In The Night

Who doesn’t like to get a little scared now and then, especially at Halloween! These films have come to us from Beaches|Life reader, Ferris Mohammed. They are a mixture of well-known horror classics, some lesser known gems and one for the whole family to enjoy together.                  

Movies at the Amusement Park

Summer is here and with the kids out of school and the grown-ups with some well-deserved vacation time why not hit the amusement parks? Well, with the long line-ups, rainy days and high-priced junk food, let‘s just do the parks at your home! Alright, it’s not the same as being there, but here are 10 movies – some futuristic, some … <entire article…>

Celebrating Birthdays at the Movies

With Canada’s 150th birthday in full swing, we thought, why not celebrate along with all of our readers with movies that either are all about birthdays or their plot is focussed around a birthday. This month, skip the popcorn, get yourself a nice big slice of cake, make a wish and enjoy some movies that celebrate birthdays.       … <entire article…>

Movies that Celebrate Mom… or not!

May is just around the corner. With it comes flowers, green grass, warm days, cool nights and of course, Mothers‘ Day. With all that moms bring to us each and every day, it‘s the perfect time to highlight films that focus on this all important family matriarch. Alright, some may not be as loving and warm as spring itself, but … <entire article…>

White-Out Conditions with Snow Movies

With February here, we are usually tired of all the snow shovelling and cold days – thinking ahead to spring. This winter, we really haven’t had it too bad, many places still had green grass, in January. Because of this, we have decided to honour “true winter” with these cold, snowy movies. Take out your skis, shovels and snowshoes, there’s … <entire article…>

Look Out Holidays… Here Come the B-Movies!

Not every film can be a blockbuster or award-winning. Combining low budgets, quick-written scripts and second-tier actors, B-Movies are movie industry’s fast food – satisfying while watching. During the holiday season why not keep your pajamas on, start a fire and have some fun. After all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about anyway?           … <entire article…>

Space Travel Movies

It’s been 50 years since Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek The Original Series landed. In the words of Captain Kirk, “. . . a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars.” To join in this celebration, Beaches|life Movie Pics look to the stars, or more accurately, travel to the stars. Who hasn’t thought about jumping into a rocket … <entire article…>

Great Outdoor Adventure Movies

Summer is the time for going on great adventures. Some, it might be a trip to the beach or the amusement park with your family. Others, have a much bigger idea of what adventure means. These movies are a combination of self discovery, being one with nature, conquering the elements and some simple fun. Hope you enjoy these films, some … <entire article…>

All Aboard! – Movies on the High Seas

With the summer weather now upon us, we daydream about spending a lazy day sailing or cruising on the water. Here are ten films that take you onto decks of many ships from many eras. Of course, if it‘s a movie about a ship, there is always a chance that it won’t end up right-side-up. Better wear your life jackets. … <entire article…>