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10 Robin Williams’ Movies – He made us laugh!

On August 11th the world stop laughing with the news of Robin Williams death. We all have been touched by him in some way. Over his far too short career, Robin touched so many people with his talent and yet even his comedy, which helped so many people get out of a bad or sad mood, couldn’t  help him get … <entire article…>

10 Kids Movies to watch again as adults!

There are some stories, messages and lessons that children learn from film. Things such as tolerance, team work, imagination and not judging a book by its cover are all common themes in “kid friendly” movies. As adults, although we strive for our children to live up to these values, we sometimes forget ourselves. Watch some of these great films, with … <entire article…>

10 Summer Camp Movies

Some of the greatest film memories come from summer camp movies. They touch our funny bone, pull on our heart strings and sometimes scare the heck out of us. Sure, they may not be Oscar® worthy or evening critically acclaimed, but what they may lack in “high-brow” they make up for in just making us feel good.  Who didn’t shed … <entire article…>

Winner! Oscar® Challenge 2014

WINNER of this year’s Oscar®challenge is Heather Huber – randomly chosen from the four people who had all the correct predictions. WINNER of personal pick is Cathy Andrew. Both Heather and Cathy have each won a pair of movie passes to the Alliance Cinema in the Beach.

10 Movies Based On True Stories!

Many of this past year’s great films were all based on true stories or events. To make a great film you need an even greater story and there are no better stories than those based on real people, and true events. This is just a sampling of some  of those movies – some originally based on books, listed with the … <entire article…>

10 Decades of Oscar® Winning MOVIES!

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, Beaches|Life decided to choose Oscar’s® best pictures from each decade. We started our list with the very first best picture from 1927 and then picked the 10th, 20th, 30th etc. Our list is not entirely complete though, we won’t know our last best picture until it is announced on March 2.   … <entire article…>

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like 10 Holiday Movies!

Everyone has their holiday traditions and movies are a big part of them. It is not possible to list  all the great movies that celebrate this magical time of year. Here are just a small sampling of movies, some newer, some not so new, but all will make you smile and remember what is important during the holiday season.   … <entire article…>

SAMSARA – A journey around the world where there’s Beauty, Ugly & Everything in-between

Filmed over five years in 25 countries, SAMSARA is a new, non-verbal documentary from filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson (who first brought us BARAKA). Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means “the ever turning wheel of life”. The filmmakers use this theme as they search for what connects everything in our lives. What we see sometimes amuses, sometimes inspires, … <entire article…>

10 HOT ACTION M0VIES that even your teen will think are cool

In this issue of Beaches|life, we turn up the summer heat with these awesome action movies. Some picked as the all time best movies ever, they are certain to keep you and your kids glued to their seats. It might be too hot and sticky to do much outside with your family, so why not enjoy an adventure together?   … <entire article…>