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Beaches|Life Holiday & New Year 2002/21

Thank You! Happy Holidays!

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!


15 Years Beaches Living Guide

There are no other words for us to say other than “Thank You!”, to our readers, community members and group, to all the business owners and their staffs.

It was July 2004 when Beaches Living launched its flagship community publication Beaches Living Guide, a publication looking back at the history of the place we live, work and play. We also shared many stories of the local landscape, architecture and their global connections.
Then, in 2008, it was the launch the sister publication Beaches|Life – to meet the demands of sharing stories of local businesses, local heroes and many personal stories from well-known celebrities. It became the go-to publication for everything about our day-to-day life for better living.
Seventeen years later, we believe that we have accomplished what we set out to do, and now it’s time to move into a new era. We had made the decision to sign-off on our final issue of Beaches|Life with the Holiday & New Year edition. However, the second lockdown prevented us from going to press, even though our production was over 90% completed. Like many businesses, it was our turn to adapt to the needs of our readers and local businesses by turning it into a series of digital digest.
BeachesLife Thank You 2020Today we are proud to announce our biggest move since the initial launch in 2004. From 2021 onward, Beaches Living will continue serving the community via the latest Digital Platforms. We will focus on offering unique, specialized attention and agility with our 17+ years of experience as a  One–Stop Marketing Solution for Small Businesses.
Our focus may be different, but our vision remains the same and our commitment is even stronger and more clear – connecting you with your community and helping local businesses grow and prosper.
We look forward to start off 2021 on the right foot with you.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Cheers to 2021 and beyond!

 From all of us at Beaches Living