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Back to School Lessons from Home

Kids are now back to school and are settling into a new routine that balances in class and at home learning. The return to formal education might have seemed daunting at first, but we quickly learned how resilient children could be. And parents will have to be resilient too. More than ever before, parents will play a crucial role in their child’s educational development. 

In this new norm of education, there have been quite a few positive impacts. Sure, there are constraints with social distancing, but that has also brought smaller class sizes which bodes well for students and teachers alike.

Now, more students are receiving lessons while at home, which means they are spending more time with parents and caregivers. This is a great opportunity to impart some other lessons to your child’s education. Some lessons aren’t part of the curriculum and can’t be found in the textbooks. Here are some life skills to add to your next lesson plan. These skills are not only good outside of the classroom but have important academic links as well.

Grow Plants 

The summer may have passed but the opportunity to grow has not. Nurture your child’s green thumb by planting something indoors or even outside. There are plenty of options like garlic that need to be planted in the fall and it grows in the spring. Alternatively, you can grow plants indoors using recycled containers like a yogurt tub. Teach them the importance of sunlight, soil, and watering. This type of activity is ideal for introducing kids to gardening while teaching them lessons about biodiversity, the environment, and social studies.

Learn to Relax

Our children likely won’t be playing soccer or playing on the jungle gym for a while, but you can show them other ways to stay active at home. Introduce them to activities like yoga. You can have a daily yoga class, all you need is a mat and internet access to watch free yoga videos on YouTube. Yoga is good because it introduces breathing methods and shows them how to relax their bodies. The life skills in yoga are emotional regulation, self-discipline, and coordination, while the academic skills are physical education.

Donate to a shelter or food bank

Shelters and food banks require support more than ever. Why not donate some clothes or food to a local shelter or food bank. Take some time to research shelters or neighbourhood groups in your area. This can be a hands-on lesson on kindness and compassion, which is the most valuable lesson you can teach your child. Another option includes helping your neighbours. Have your children rake the leaves on the lawns that belong to seniors, or video chat with the seniors to break their isolation. Talk to your children about how the pandemic affects us all in different ways. Life skills from donating include community mindfulness and serving others. Academic skills can include math and research.